Online open market for Philippines

Dec 1, 2006
Who do you think this would be a good idea?
An open market for selling or trading your goods in a form of a forum and strictly for Philippines only.

I am aware of ebay philippines and also people puting up personal websites and having it on their sigs... but i seriously think it still hesitates some ppl to buy of you guys..

I have no power or way to make such a market but maybe if anyone of you can, it would be cool. just getting the idea out hoping that it would someday come alive...
The buy/sell forums are there for a reason and you can always put your selling threads in your sigs.

I say is still the way to go for unloading your stuff, free of charge.

Oh, and we're not gonna have a discussion about the Philippines having its own selling forum.

I've explained this matter here a million times over.

If hundreds of people outside the U.S. use the buy/sell forums, then what's stopping local NT'ers from doing so?
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All buy/sell forums are filled with people who live in the states. Im sure you know how much of a pain the shipping cost is...

and like i said, i was totally aware of and simply having it on your sig and i can see you have been succesfull with it. But bro,a forum will give you a big benefit of having a list of different sneakers for sale from multiple users in one screen.

Oh, and i wasnt expecting NT to be the one establishing it. but if ever that would be the best. This was generally to get the idea out to the sneaker heads in the philippines...
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