Online Stores: Which ones dodge customs?

Dec 27, 2006
As the Canadian dollar is strong more and more Canadians are looking to purchase items from across the border or even across the ocean. My question is does anyone have any experience ordering from various online stores that are American based, UK based etc and Canadian customs busting down upon them with various fees? Which stores do you recommend that can be ordered from that use some sort of tactic to appeal to Canadian consumers and dodge the Canadian customs regulations?

ex.// ships from a personal identity and marked as a gift and I was able to order from them without being charged customs. The only additional fee I had was from the Canada post which was around 12 dollars.

Thanks for the help.
pys is the only i can think of, most ebay sellers do it if u ask
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other than private sale, i think you'r eout of luck as most stores won;t declare gift because that's illegal. your're probably better off just buying locally in Canada. with the dollar being 1-to-1, do they still charge outrageous markup prices? really.
^^ yes iNiNe5 the Aquas were $220 plus tax, or $213 with a student discount card.... so I skipped Canadian retail and went to my friends in the US for much less... bautista undefined try e-mailing as many websites and try asking them if they'll send it as a gift without value, or very little (since it's the price value that canada customs looks at 30%). Again e-mailing will let you build a connection with the retailer that will make sure it's sent that way... As for websites also try uptempoair, and avoid major retail websites like eastbay
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with the dollar and the amount of packages coming through customs is not even bothering...........2 aquas no fees
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And want to give praise to the private US eBay sellers, most of them do mark as gift/ under $ 50 if you ask them.
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^^^every dude i've bought shoes from on either NT or ISS has always hooked me up with the low value+gift. Most customs i've paid was $8.
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Flight Club New York marks their packages as "shoe gift". I highly recommend this place, shipping is crazy fast (I received a pair of shoes on Wednesday that I ordered on Monday) and as I already mentioned, no custom charges.
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