Optical shop that carries Giorgio/Armani eyeglasses?

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are you serious?

but yeah that's true, i never see any more new armani models, i think they've been beat by other brands. or you know what, try looking online, and try to get the store to get them for you to see if they're nice.

i did that with my new glasses, the agent from the company brought me 6 boxes of different frames, even one's that i've never seen in stores.


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^ I asked them already. The dude who brings them in switched to more trendy brands like Mikli.

Mikli! How bakling.

I'm sick and tired of my Eye Phorics. I can't believe I've been using the same eyeglasses since late 2003. I got some Armanis last year which I never used.

Armani is still the @#%$. Giorgio or even Emporio. They still make nice stuff. I already checked online.

I want this one in black

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Vision Express and Executive Optical carries Armani. I'm not sure about that exact model though.

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those semi-rimmed tag ones...how much do they sell for in phil? i have the exact same pair but not semi-rimmed, and they're just too friggin' big. i think those ones u showed would be great.

kc, one brand that i really like is a german brand called IC!berlin. they make some very stylish frames that i think might suit ur style. they're a little pricey. retail is like 350-400. ebay has a pair or two every once in a while for pretty good prices.
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^ the tag frames may all look the same but they are actually a few fits. from the store window, they all look the same except for the color....but thats not true, they have different sizes. probably that's why yours is big. i'm guessing you tried one that you liked just not in the color you want and had the optical store hook u up with the color you want, and next thing you know, it doesn't quite fit as nice as when you tried them on. as for the price, it really depends on where you go and who you know. i'm guessing a range of 14-15t.

as for the ic!berlin, we got that here too... i think they're a little more expensive than the tags if not the same here.

in ur shortsd

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if anyone else wants some armanis,try EO sm north edsa.they're frames may not be the newest and the baddest,but they are 10% off.
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