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http://www.dailymail.co.u...h-jealous-sells-3bn.html[h1]One hull of a price tag: Luxury yacht that would make even Roman Abramovich jealous sells for £3bn
By Ted Thornhill

Last updated at 5:47 PM on 20th July 2011

Talk about splashing out – an anonymous Malaysian businessman has spent £3billion on a yacht made from solid gold and platinum.

The History Supreme was assembled using a staggering 100,000kg of the precious metals.

They were used throughout the boat, from the base of the vessel – which is wrapped in solid gold – to the deck, dining area, rails and anchor.

Expensive: If you want one of these Stuart Hughes luxury yachts, you can wave goodbye to £3billion

The hefty price tag is also the result of an amazingly luxurious master bedroom. It’s adorned with platinum and has a wall feature made from meteoric stone and a genuine T-Rex dinosaur bone.

It's enough to make even Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich turn a distinct shade of green.

He has a £300m yacht called Eclipse that comes complete with two swimming pools, a gym and a submarine - but it's missing the all-important platinum and gold adornments.

The History Supreme is the handiwork of Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes, who took three years to complete it.

It represents one of the 39-year-old’s more extravagant projects, and this is a man who specialises in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Luxury: The History Supreme's bedroom is covered in platinum and the odd prehistoric artefact

He started his bespoke upgrade service in 2002 with his wife Katherine and has since applied his golden touch to all sorts of objects.

His Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium, for instance, is made from 68kg of 24ct gold and is yours for a cool £3million.

Then there’s Mr Hughes’ iPhone 4, worth a mind-blowing £5m.

Gold standard: The boat is covered in precious metals - even the anchor has been given a special makeover

The Apple device is wrapped in 500 cut diamonds, including two interchangeable diamonds which fit over the 'home' button - a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond and a rare 8 carat single cut flawless diamond that are together worth more than £4m.

An even bigger diamond still is to be found in his luxury liquor bottle. The D' Amalfi Limoncello Supreme is home to an 18.5 carat diamond, one of the world’s rarest. It’s no wonder that you’ll need to spend £27million before you can take a swig from it.

Other items adorned with precious metals and diamonds that he’s produced include laptops, beds, cars and even a suit.

Hungry for extravagance: The yacht naturally features an exquisitely designed dining area
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#*$?!?! the +#%% has real t-rex bone?! for what?!!? yo $$*% this dude!

we over here struggling with $250k student loans and son is dropping 3 bill on a gold/platinum/diamond/trex yacht
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Come on now...
I JUST put the joint that comes with the car inside it on layaway.
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3 BILLION POUNDS!?! That much disposable income spent on one product alone?! DAAAAAAMN!

What have I been doing in my life...

John Wick

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damn now thats OD rich...
how you going to spend 27milli on a bottle of liquor i can only imagine how much a shot cost...
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Any broad that steps one foot on that boat would have to basically let him have his way or face dire consequences.
You don't deny a man who uses T-Rex bone like glitter.
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An anonymous malaysian businessman???

#$%^ that!

I want names!!!

whoever owns this can't just be identified as an "anonymous malaysian businessman"!!!

Who is this guy!? and what does his daddy do!?!?!?
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damn dude... 3 bill gbp is almost 5 billion dollars. what is his net worth where he can drop 5 billion on a damn boat?

anyone scuba certified? time to gear up and start hacking chunks of gold off the hull of that ship.
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yeah this blows my mind.....completely pointless

coulda bought a fleet of megayachts with that money.,...

like buying a platinum toyota camry instead of every 2011 exotic in production
i am literally stunned by this purchase.....i can understand ridiculous spending but this....
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Originally Posted by Je Ne Sais Quoi

Any broad that steps one foot on that boat would have to basically let him have his way or face dire consequences.
You don't deny a man who uses T-Rex bone like glitter.
Because of the implication?
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He pretty much had no choice; only the uncouth dare venture out upon the open sea without a dinosaur bone close by.
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