Ordered Shoes From China

Joined Sep 9, 2012
The seller used EMS.

Unfortunately, I've heard bad stories about shoes being taxed PHP 2,000 by our corrupt Customs. 

So the shoes are worth $115. Shipping costs $25. 

The sender didn't put any value on the item. 

According to the tracking, it's now in Customs.

How do I make sure that they won't charge me an arm for this item? 
Joined Dec 7, 2010
Not sure, but usually you'll only know once you get to pick-up the item. That's the time they tell you of the taxes/charges that you might have incurred. In any case, you can always haggle with them if worse comes to worse.
Joined Sep 9, 2012
I actually ordered a ghost pair, is it advisable to declare them as a replica or would they just throw it away since it's illegal?

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