Original Design Rendering: And1 Cornering Mid II

Jul 8, 2005
Hey Guys,

Some of you have already seen this design in the open sketch thread or KG, but I've worked on it a bit since then so I thought I'd post it up.

I hope it's all pretty self explanatory.......questions/comments welcome.



cool colorway renditions, im digging the east and north sets. are those specs you listed the same as the actual shoe?
Thanks man! Well the actual shoe doesn't exist.....this is my own design. If you mean are the specs the same as the first version designed by JT, they're not, although my design is intended to be lightweight as is the 1st version.
Very nice ak47. If you're going to further this even more in the future, I suggest maybe differentiating the medial from the lateral a little more. I can tell that you were just trying to save a little time, so its understandable if you didn't want to explore the medial side very much. Even though there is tons of mesh showing, thus lots of ventilation, I think you could add a few perforation dots on the toe, so as to kind of keep some cues from the Cornering I. I can imagine the outsole view being very awesome, so you def should start sketching that up. Great work and keep it up.
Good crits arch. There were some details I wanted to add to the medial like the player logo on the wrapping outsole, and no text on the shank. I'll try to work those out and post em up. I don't know if I want to add the perfs.....I mean, I totally get what you're saying, but I wanted the toe to be ultra-clean so there could be some clean white-patent-toe colorways. Also the rest of the shoe is pretty busy so I wanted to have an area where your eyes could just chill. I agree 100% about the outsole......I'm off to the drawing board!
Alright, I edited the original post with an edited medial view, and the addition of the outsole view. Feedback welcome,
Oh god, you're right. LOL. I did not notice that at all......better take that down until I do a new version. Jeese.....that has got to be the worst outsole design ever.
I like it too. I think that color rendered the best of all the regionals.

I've updated the original post with an outsole that doesn't have that "shape" on the heel-strike.....
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