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Feb 13, 2006
This is a weird question but I'm considering taking a trip to Disney and I was wondering what date does school end?(only because of the lines) and what is roughly the price of gas?

Thanks for the help!
Yea Dude school ended like the eightteenth of may so basically the only way to avoid long lines is to get there early and if u dont wanna pay 67 bucks to get in...I can Hook u up for a cheaper price cuz i work there.
if your worrying about cash disney and orlando hispitality is NOT the place to come and be cheap at
From now until about mid September the parks are going to be packed. Don't worry about when school ends because people come from all over the world.

The only slow times are end of January - March and September - Mid November. All other times it's busy. If you are coming in the busy months, use the fast pass system.

Also, like fbi8904 said, don't expect to be cheap. In the park, fast food - burgers, fries - is $10 per person at the cheapest. If you want table service you're looking at $20 per person on the low end. Just don't be a tightwad. Even if it means postponing the trip until you save a little more money.

Still, it's one of the best vacations you can take. You'll see things you've never seen before and if you have kids, they will never forget it.


good time go to sept -dec and jan middle , fed -march , may in begin of the month . dont go in summer time it very busy from june -sept - april . good .
I could go yo in for good price i work there and get alot people in there .
It is hot as balls out here... Hot as balls.

Then it's raining @#%$ storms the very next minute.

Between November and February is a nice time of the year.

Don't take my word for it, though... I just came from LA back in November '06.

September 30, 2006:

The day I only began to realize how stupid this is...
LOL my dude come to Universal. I work there, At disney there are more people and way more things to do which is good but impossible to do it all without buying special tickets that let you get through lines and park hopping. You'll pay the same for a Universal 2 day pass messin around with disney. Thats just my opinion.
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