ORLANDO PENNY 1's came out in nyc...do we get em?

Jun 22, 2004
yo theres like a 20 page thread in nike retro about orlando penny 1's releasing, and i noticed they out on pys.com....just wondering if canada is getting any? id love to get my hands on a pair
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most likely not wht does canada get?... :tongue:
I must admit all those Nash shoes (Zoom Motion, Stutter Steps...etc.) are really nice but not having the Penny's, Air Force Max's and the Air Max2 Uptempo's just :smh:
what about the AIR FORCE MAX "FAB 5'S"??...

"....its like CRACK to a JUNKIE...."
Honestly when it comes to Nike Basketball Retro's 99% of the time they don't come here.
I'm lovin It!!~~


FS: Air Huarache 2k4 All-star sz11. Melo 1.5 White/blue sz11, Nike Supreme Delta Force White/white sz11...They are all Brand new DS...

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