Orlando/Tampa Question

Mar 8, 2007
Visiting fam in August, some in Orlando and some in Tampa area...Are there any spots to find heat?? I know abt the Nike Outlet in Orlando but I read in someone else's post that its flooded with tourists already. Any help is much appreciated...
1 of the outlets is contaminated with tourists, that one is a waste of time. the other 4 are still virgins :smile:
The 1 flooded/contaminated with tourists always has girls roaming around though.

Choose wisely.

September 30, 2006:

The day I only began to realize how stupid this is...
^As in any populated area females are everywhere. I dont know much about Tampa but really the stuff in Orlando you are better off just staying on your computer and ordering online. Nothing much you cant find anywhere else to tell you the truth.
I havent heard of much in tampa but in Orlando it depends on what you lokin for. Messin around with the outlets can be a waist of gas. They are pretty spread out. But heat can be found in some of the malls, but again it depends on what you lookin for.
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