Feb 15, 2000

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The Other Brands Forum Contest

Answer the following question:
"What can 'OTHER' FOOTWEAR BRANDS do to break Nike/Jordan Brand's dominance in the industry?"

The single best response wins, as determined by the NikeTalk Staff.

Contest submissions must be posted by Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 11:59 PM EST to qualify.

NikeTalk member "peterflight" has offered to giveaway a free pair of new "Hops" shoes, which he designed, to the winner of the Other Brands Contest. The winner will be able to select any colorway shoe model and size of their choosing from the debut product launch of the Hops brand on November 1st.

Peterflight started out his design career by posting footwear sketches right here on NikeTalk a few years ago and this is his first big break into the industry.
To read more about peterflight's shoe, see his post here: p087.ezboard.com/fniketalkfrm25.showMessageRange?topicID=5178.topic&start=1&stop=25]p087.ezboard.com/fniketalkfrm25.showMessageRange?topicID=5178.topic&start=1&stop=25


The winner: oo71:nerd:o

His entry:

My best advice for other companies is to-

be true to yourself, dont follow the rabbit down the hole.

stop with the endless "limited packs".

keep customers interested in what you have, a quality product.

collaborations didnt get you where you are today, a good shoe with a good fanbase did.

where are the converse weapons?

where are the signature shoes, or team colorways?

Keep improving the materials on you "id's" on your site and stay at a competitive price.

Even balance, produce those Retros people love and shoes that push the technological level that people will love.

Have a feedback button on your website, listen to the people.

be innovative with designs and technology...sign big name players to create hype....come up with more appealing, even "out there", yet original colorways and sneaker designs to attract the younger audience.....or simply focus solely on performance and become that brand that shows results on the court when these other guys are just showing off....

that's all I got....
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"Other Brands" need to reduce the prices. They will still be making money, but when someone sees Jordans at $175 or $150 for retros, and the competition selling under $100, that will make a difference. Also, with the Jordan retro packs coming out next year, compare $300 for 2 pair of Jordans to the $100 for a single pair of other brand. If the other brands have a current popular player with the company (D Wade, Iverson, etc) then they will compete with Jordan, who is retired and the current generation will want the current players shoes. Plus with Starbury and Big Ben being under $20 the competition will be there. Again, if Lebrons and Shox are selling for $130+ and the competition is under $100, money will talk. The other companies can also retro their biggest selling shoes from the past.
What other brands have to do is follwo in the footsteps. At the time, even though Nike was popular, it wasn't as popular as today. Same with Jordan, at first thwe products were expensive & certain models & colorways were sitting on the shelves months after releases.

What put these companies (Nike & Air Jordan) apart from other companies, is the players they endorsed. With the help of signing Michael Jordan they had the chance to Market him to the best of their ability because he help bring basketball back. He was who every kid looked up to. As a little kid you want the shoes, jerseys, etc that your fav. plaers wear. It comes down to that for one example.

Also, do what Nike does, hit a larger audience, as large as you can. From kids, to women, to satisfy all styles possible for the likes of all people. Put out colorways that a teenage crowd would liek, but at the same time put out CLASSIC styles that an older audience would liek growing up in 80's basketball & 90's basketball.

Nike does satisfy a lot of people by doing different things, so other brands would have to try to satisfy people as much as they can by putting out various products as I said that suit the likes of diff. crowds...but at the same time try & endorse huge named players.

Nike throws millions at players such as LeBron for example, way to much BUT the profit they get back is exceeding that because he brings in so much money for every NIke product with his name on it. Other brands such as Adidas do it with McGrady or RBK with Iverson...market the to the best of the ability.

Just mix in what I mentioend with all these factors & you could have future with doing what Nike is doing, not as good as them, but you are doing the same thign they did as a company when starting out.

Thats my submission 8)
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Marketing is the answer. Think about it Nike has sneaker contracts with Lebron James, Michael Jordan. That is one of the main reasons that they get a lot of consumers. If Lebron's were offered by Adidas I would buy them. Quality is also a great issue. If I would happen to buy a pair of pumas brand new and they come defective It would stop me from buying more pumas in the future.
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To me there are two options playing out right now.

First you have the idea of if you can't beat them join them with Converse now part of Nike. Converse saw this as a win/win situation in 2003 and now as the 100th year gets closer Converse continues to grow.

Second you have the idea of the enemy of my enemy is my friend; this would apply to Reebok and Adidas becoming one.

Obviously these ideas alone will not lead to a change, but they appear to be the best way to start. Product innovation and increased marketing will be required to really gain ground.

Check out my new Blog at www.TheConverseBlog.com
My best advice for other companies is to-

be true to yourself, dont follow the rabbit down the hole.

stop with the endless "limited packs".

keep customers interested in what you have, a quality product.

collaborations didnt get you where you are today, a good shoe with a good fanbase did.

where are the converse weapons?

where are the signature shoes, or team colorways?

Keep improving the materials on you "id's" on your site and stay at a competitive price.

Even balance, produce those Retros people love and shoes that push the technological level that people will love.

Have a feedback button on your website, listen to the people.

ps im a size large.

i havent missed too many meals lately.

OK we all know Nike has been dominating the athletic market for nearly two decades now. Leaving other companies such as Adidas, Reebok, and others in the dust. Well as some of us have noticed Nike has been neglecting quality lately. They have chosen quantity over quality. I believe if other shoe companies focus on this and try to use it against them.

I personally just want quality products, and I imagine most consumers do. I think if these companies stick to a strict quality control they could possibly get people to buy there product over Nike products.


Another major help to these companies battle with Nike would be try to advertise the hell out of your product. Make commercials for television and Radio, billboards, and sponsor events such as charities. There has been a decline in advertisement for these companies lately. This is not helping beat out other brands out there.

Here are some examples of old commercials:


We all know that Nike has star power with people from Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods. They seem to have the best of every sport on their side. Other companies have had major talents wearing there product but most seem to be less popular players or have just lost players to other companies. One of the major losses goes to Adidas, when Kobe went to Nike.

As crazy as it sounds these companies need to go out there and scout for major talent. It would help boost sales because what kids see there heroes wearing they want to. Adidas and Reebok have managed to take over the NFL and NBA, but they need support from some very talented super stars if they want to be at the top.
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There are different types of consumers in the shoe industry, and brands besides Nike need to cater to all of them. Other brands need to come out with solid, quality products.

Most sneaker buyers do not buy athletic shoes for the intended purpose, such as basketball, tennis, or running. Nike spends millions of dollars on new technologies, but most shoe wearers buy shoes to wear to hang around. Lifestyle and streetwear shoes would appeal to the non-atheltic shoe wearers.

The "other brands" need to come out with "cool" products. With barely any marketing, Nike puts out shoes and people line up for them. Nike puts out old school sneakers that were revolutionary in their day. Nike designs its sneakers to look cool.

People like the idea of a celebrity endorsement. If a shoe is worn by a top-celebrity, there will be riots in malls all across America.

The low cost shoe market has risen in the past few years. The other brands need to make "hot kicks" that appeal to people's style and budget.

Nike has been allowing consumers to design their own shoes for the past 5 years. They basically have another market for NikeID. Nike offers different colors and different styles to fit the needs of the consumer. Other shoe brands should follow this trend, and offer a wide variety of shoes that consumers can customize.
Other brands other than nike/jordan brand can combat the dominace of nike with some simple business measures.

One should always have at hand a reliable and creative branch of designers. If you don't want to wear the shoe, what makes you think others will? Marketers have to be smart with whom they hire in order to stay up with the up to date trends to pressure cats to buy.

A thing to take notice of is to figure out which age group you are approaching with your shoes. If you have some frankenstein shoes they should appeal to a young'n audience rather than hardcore collectors.

Another point would be to improve one's brand's clothing and apparrel. JB has some sick stuff on racks but you never know what an innovative mind can do.

Better advertising is also needed to sell better. It is good to sign a group of young and "hip" basketball stars and form a "team". They can make commercials that can challenge jordan brand commercials these days.

Practice better astablity shoe techniques. Make a shoe that is literally unstoppable and show players practicing with the kicks on. It shows the quality of the shoe and it also gives the public security to depend on the shoe.

Price is also sometimes the matter, but there's no point in making it too high so that people cannot afford. A price slightly in the middle of what a competition's shoe cost is. The price should reflect the time and effort put on working the design of a shoe.

Shoes need to be made to match what the buyer desires. Pick up on the new trends. Have a variety of colors available to the customer. I mean to say, "The customer is always right!"

Good techniques to practice are coming up with unique designs that appeal to the public. Have an affordable shoe and avalable(spiz'ikes) Use a good staff to decide on "team" members.
Showcase the shoe on the court.

Quality... just stick with better conditioned materials. suede is too hard to take care of... so limit thsoe kinds of releases. anything better than the military IV's should be pretty good.

The shoe released needs to be significant. People need to like it. Commercials need to be made. But i am still wondering if any "other" brand can challenge nike, but i do believe adidas is making a little challenge with their releases of nba jerseys and tmac shoes. better players and advertisers can fix that up...
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To be honest, Converse was almost half way there until they destroyed it last season.
The key is to sign a player that you think he would change everything in the game.
Give him his signature shoes, make them sell! Do whatever he wants (except allowing him to do stuffs like Kobe did).

I noticed one thing. People will tend to buy a new player's signature shoes if the player is an explosive dunker and a rising star.
People will buy it no matter what, as long as the design is not amazingly ugly. Take D-Wade as an example.
Converse Wade one make a great sale, it's because it has a good design. The sneaker reviews says that it is pretty comfortable.
They are one of the best selling basketball sneaker in the season. The company definitely made a lot of money.
From that money that they made, they should invest more on technology and design.
I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but to me, Converse Wade 2 is not as good as Wade 1 and Wade 1.3.

Another thing is: Converse should sign more people with their own signature shoes to fight with others.
First of all, do not pick the wrong guy to sign.
Well, Jameer Nelson and Kirk Heinrich are not bad players. They are good.
The thing is, they do not play fancy basketball.
Like, Crossovers, fancy pass to make an assists. They don't dunk!
They play fundamental basketball. They can't give the feeling to the people who watch them to get excited.
People need to see, not dunks but, FANCY AND EXPLOSIVE dunks from a player to consider buying it.
Make a bet with yourself if the player you're about to sign is going or not going to be a great player, or even a Hall of Famer.
In my opinion, T-Duncan is not really selling shoes. He's the one who's famous of his fundamental play.
He's so extremely good at it that anyone who beats him for one time will get famous.
Besides, Adidas is really doing well with all the "It takes 5ive" campaign, with the sponsorships of the NBA apparel.
I don't see Tim Duncan contribute a lot to it.
Whenever they see an Adidas basketball advertisement, I'm sure people would think of T-Mac's shoes.
It's not in my place to say but, BIG MEN DO NOT SELL SHOES.

To overcome Nike in basketball and become the dominant, let's take Adidas on this topic for an example, they have to turn nobody into somebody by the fame of the shoes, like T-Mac. They need more T-Mac!
It's because T-Mac turned out to be a regular in the All-Star Games every year while he used to be a Slam Dunk Contest Loser.
He's the only one who has the numbered signature shoes. Yes, I've considered Agent Zero's Pirahnna and Gil-Zero.
Adidas made 5 of their top players to be on the "It takes 5ive" campaign.
Nike has 10 of their top players in their own campaign.
What should Adidas do? Give what Nike can't give and DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS THAT NIKE HAS.

I'm not sure if this would work out for Adidas if things that I said were being done.
But I've seen it. Look at Adidas and Nike's domination in the sports call: Soccer.
Name one of the famous? David Beckham, and many other world class players.
Nike has Ronaldinho as their trump card, showing off their player's individual street soccer skills.
Adidas could do that too, but they prefer to promote their products with elegance.
They are dominating the Soccer world in both ways.
They just have to make sure that their design and comfort is up to date and will be able to fight with other brand's product.
steal the air force model, and replace the swoosh sign with a star
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But I think I like her like a metaphor
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they just need to get more exposure. the prices are comparable, usually less, and the comfort of the shoes is usually on par with nike/jordan brand. aside from nike/jordan brand, the only ones i use are adidas, converse, and reebok. reebok is the only brand that needs to step up their shoe game in terms of comfort, but all of them need some more advertising. for adidas basketball, the five campaign was ok and all, but adidas is pushing it and they don't really have the superstar names/sig shoes like nike does, with the exception of gil. the shoes perform pretty well, and the prices are similar, but they just need to make a bigger name for themselves by signing more superstar players and getting them out there. the only reason gil is known is because he voices is opinion with the media and he has his blog and all. without that, he'd just be another player wearing the ts lightspeeds next season. they also need to sign more up-and-coming players. almost all of the highly praised rookies end up with nike, then adidas gets the next batch, then converse, then reebok. it's not gonna help brands like adidas and converse that nike can add even more to their campaigning with these future superstars. sure the adidas brand is tied in with the nfl and nba, but that doesn't do much for the shoe game. what i'm basically saying is the shoes/prices/performance is good, but they need to get their name out there more with more superstars and up-and-comers, or at least come up with better advertisements/commercials. their campaigning is weak and boring compared to nike's. only sneakerheads/sports fans/players can relate to brands like adidas or converse while the general public relates to nike or jordan brand because the name is big. they want a shoe, then they just turn to nike because it's so big without giving thought about other brands. running fans would probably prefer asics over nike, but the general public would just say i need a running shoe so lets go get some nikes or something cheap, not knowing that the performance of brands like asics far exceeds a brand like nike in terms of running shoes. but who sees asics commercials and billboards in daily life? basically nobody. you go to a true running shop and the majority of running shoes are asics, not nikes, not adidas, etc. other brands just need more exposure, better campaigning, and more appeal to the public by doing things like signing better players and more potential or up-and-coming superstars. it wouldn't hurt to sign those lower tier players either. if there's some no name player out on the court, chances are he's wearing nike, and if he makes a name for himself, he's gets to pick whichever brand he wants to sign with. monta ellis didn't have a shoe deal, but he wore nikes. after his improved performance, he signed a deal with and1. monta wasn't linked to nike, but he wore them. just get out there more and appeal to the public like nike has; the shoes and their quality/performance, etc. is all good, just outside of that they haven't done much.
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honestly i think everything that can be thought of all ready has been thought of when it comes down to trying to compete with nike/jordan for example getting star players to sign a shoe deal...when you look at players like d.wade who signed to converse it clearly shows you that if there is no swoosh or jumpman on the shoe it will not get reconized how it should same goes for players like allen iverson,t-mac,and others so as far as trying to compete the only other thing that could be done is up it a level or two when it comes to the design of the shoes..so reebok and converse and everyone else if your reading this go out and find all those designers that nike fired or let go and give them a job if there are any...
Be themselves and not try to be NIke.

Like when someone compares Philly to NYC...you just can't they are on such different levels and you will end up looking stupid in the end.

Be who you are and play up your own strengths, build your own base and identity.

No one likes a biter or poser.
There is only one way to kill a virtual monopoly/corporate powerhouse...Mass assassination. A company can't exist without it's top 30 supervisors, right? You can't keep up the same quota of products sales with that assistant to the night manager at Niketown SF running the company. It will be long and hard, but it can surely be done. It will take a little help from everyone, along with determination and willpower, but it is for the greater good of the industry.

First off, you will need manpower. Puma, Reebok, Adidas, and Converse will need to come together and begin hiring candidates with large histories in gunmanship and more specifically, the use of a sniper rifle (might I suggest Dirtylicious? It wont look as suspicious seeing his large resum in sneaker culture). These people must then move up in the corporate ranks progressively, but rapidly. We have to take it slow and steady to prevent suspicion, but if we dont act quickly, their power will grow too strong and there will be no chance at being successful. After being promoted to chairmen/women, these people will have to come up with the ingenious idea of a meeting of sneaker company big-wigs in order to find a way to lower prices without losing profit. This meeting will take place in Oregon, near Nikes headquarters, to take off some suspicion. Each company will send 30 delegates to the conference in order to mingle and come up with a new major plan for the industry. With the majority of people being from our inside men our coalition will have the right to make most of the decisions about the conference.

This brings us to the specifications of the meeting. First off, we need a great LACK of security. You dont want to be checked for weapons at the door, because YOU WILL BE CARRYING WEAPONS! Keep security to the bare minimum, and reserve the spots only to men and women over 65. As a cover, you can say that they come at half the price of their younger counterparts. These geriatrics will be surrounding the perimeter and will not be let inside for Privacy Reasons. As an incentive, we will tell them that there will be a bingo game/raffle at the end of the night for all security in the smaller of the two conference rooms, since the main hall will already be filled with decaying corpses. Once inside, they will all be disposed (if you catch my drift).

I know what your thinking, where the hell are they going to keep all of that weaponry? Well the big weapons will be delivered inside the giant cake in the shape of giant boxes from the five corporations. In fact, this will just be five real boxes filled with a thick layer of frosting, filled with sniper rifles. We know that everyone from our group will have the cal on them (50 cal, that is), but what will they use for hand-to-hand combat or instances when they need to be covert? Everyone will carry a small hunting knife as well as a simple 9mm handgun. These will be stored in their inside coat pocket, or under the skirts of the ladies.

When will the operation be carried out, you say? Well thats simple, silly. Well get the speeches from the 5 CEOs, and we will be serving hard alcohol throughout that time. Once the Nike/Jordan reps get tipsy enough, we will call up the same CEOs and have them cut the cake. While they assemble near the cake, they will ask everyone to join hands and act as one, as they are all working together in this. Since there are 4 of our men to every one of theirs, we will have one to the right and left of each Nike rep, and the rest in a circle around the cake. In a funny gesture, the Puma CEO will push the Nike CEO into the cake, deeming him blind. The remaining three will break open the top box of the cake, and all of the reps will climb in and look as if they have a surprise. Well there is a surprise, mother loving snipers with mother loving sniper rifles. Still holding hands, our reps surrounding the Nike reps will take a hand each, as the snipers open fire on their heads. If something goes wrong, the henchmen will just pull out their 9s and cap a dude. Security wont hear anything, since they are all deaf as it is. Within five minutes, every CEO, vice president, and even regional managers of Nike/Jordan Incorporated will have been viciously murdered.

Butwont everyone wonder why only Nike reps are dead? Like we didnt think of that, N00B! We will fly in 30 people from Nikes sweatshop in Vietnam and tell them they are going to go the HQ of Nike in Oregon. Well When they get there, they will be hurried into a room with 30 dead bodies and we will simply lock the doors behind them, and we will tell the press that they wanted revenge and they let the rest of us go because we were not part of the problem, but only trying to find a solution. Everyone will eat this up and we will be free to run the shoe business however we please. Good luck Angels, and Gods speed. For My illiterate snipers, I will support this with a comic below.

I think the key to gaining dominance over a company like Nike is first having the balls to chase your own initiatives in the name of quality without even considering the formulas that worked in the past. It's a different world than it was in the 80's and the results could never be the same. However I think there are some basic principles that will attract consumers to your product, and I believe the number one factor is a connection with human emotions.

Think about it. Why do you want a pair of Jordans? Because it connects you with the emotional feelings of excitement that you felt when you watched MJ play. When you look at the shoes, it brings some of that feeling and recollection back to you, which is essentially priceless....which is why we will pay the ridiculous prices.Why did Jordan sell more shoes than any other athlete? Because he invoked more emotion from people than any other athlete. Nike's advertising is based on feeding these feelings. The feelings of inspiration, victory, and belonging to something. Adidas' campaignes (sp?) for "it takes 5" and "impossible is nothing" really just feel empty. They do not really incitie emotion or drive sales IMHO.

Enough on that. The second thing I think that drives consumers is self-expression. They want to buy something that tells other people something about them and what they represent. Kids camp out for kicks and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on them to tell the world "I am the biggest sneaker head!" This is what wearing a pair of "only 500 made" does for you. It doesn't make you more comfortable, or run any faster. People were drawn to Nike in the 80's and 90's because the designs were ballsy and innovative. And people wanted to express their bold inner selves by wearing these shoes as a means of self-expression. They were saying "I am down with crazy and futuristic. Forget that other boring stuff, that's so yesteryear!" Or "Nike is the best and I only wear the best!" The STATUS of nike snowballed it's dominance even further, but that foundation that made it a status symbol was first driven by emotion.

And now we are in a stage of nostalgia which is also driven off of emotions in the way of memories, but also expressing "hey I was down with this back in the day, I am an ORIGINAL". Then you have the second or third tier of people who are just buying it because it's the "cool" thing to do because the genuine people have made it so.

That being said, in a world where electronics and the digital archiving and displaying of what we love is so important, I believe the first company to consistently integrate hi tech electronics into footwear with clean aesthetics in a non-contrived fashion will tap into something that is new, not following what has already been done, and will allow us to express in an unlimited fashion. Flexible lcd screens on your quarter panels that display your favorite pictures, movies, colors, patterns or artwork while you are walking around, anyone? THAT is the future in my eyes. And these are technologies that already exist. Somebody just needs to do it.
What they need is a SAVIOR

In my mind i guess that is the only logical solution that can be applied to this type of situation.

No Matter how many "packs" or "exclusives" these other brands put out even if they manage to outsell the swoosh. They still can't beat what Nike has established for themselves.

Nike/Jordan has a tight stronghold of the sneaker industry that it is close to impossible for another brand to topple them from their we-talk-basketball-we-talk-Nike plateau.

Let's look back at how Nike came to be the immovable force in the industry it is today, let's see they came up with Nike Air, then they luckily signed Michael Jordan, then came their ballsy and innovative designs (Huarache,Shox,Free, etc.).

So what Adidas/And1/Puma/K1X/Pony/DADA/K-Swiss/ all lack in comparison to Nike is that 1 big-time-super-hype endorser that the whole world would just love to gobble up.(Well RBK is an exception 'coz they have AI, whom is close to MJ status for me)

I know it's a long shot but let's remember that Nike rise to fame came when Michael Jordan skied and landed on Air Jordans in the NBA, and before those times Nike wasn't near the upper echelon status that brands like Adidas(due to RunDMC fame) or Converse(Weapon, Dr.J, Bird, Magic) had. Also they luckily had Tinker Hatfield working for them anyway so let's blame God for that.

To me the closest competitor to Nike right now is the 3 stripes, they are a global brand, they have great endorsers, nice ads (although too straight forward and less creative not like the swoosh) and they have the money to take chances and be crude, creative and ballsy with new techs and designs.

So maybe it can be OJ Mayo or Derrick Rose or a virtual unknown that will rock some brand new Adidas that are so innovative with their technology,at the same time reach the top of the NBA, while having his shoes surrounded with controversy because of the outrageous design, inspiration and creative advertising that come with it.

Ok all we need know is God to align the stars and conspire with my theory.


"Go Uste! Go Uste! Go Uste! Go Go Go Go Go Uste!"​
Over the past years, major companies such as Nike and Jordan has dominated the shoes industry. Perhaps the main crucial factors that allowed them to dominate is tradition and hype.

The game of shoes industry is much like the election. The way to win the game is to win over as many people as possible. Some states are solid in their opinion such as Texas who always vote Republican even if a Democratic candidate were to spend all his campaign money in that state. People are similar to this in that some people naturally prefer Nike and Jordan because they were around for a long period of time, and those companies have built tradition. Some simply do not prefer unconventional ideas.

In order to win over many people as possible, the "Other Brands" must try to persuade those who are in the middle and are not completely predetermined.

One factor that I noticed that Nike and Jordan excelled in was advertisement. Their advertisements really reached out to the people and left a phenomenal sensation. I bet many people still remember the commercial for Jordan XXI in which common people like us pulled off moves by Jordan. The other brands must follow this and make advertisements that leave a lasting appeal.

Concerning the player endorsement, other brands like Adidas do not lack good players. They lack players with substance. What I mean this is that other brands has superfluous number player who are above average but do not live up to the kind of expectations that people have. As for Adidas, they should stick with players that bring the most hype such as Arenas and McGrady.

The shoes sale has also been an issue for other brands as well. Instead of having five signatures shoes like Adidas did, they should shorten it to the top three. When there are too many signature shoes, the hype decreases therefore engendering the decrease in shoes sale. The companies should also focus strongly on shoes design. If a signature shoes appear too generic or too flashy, it is likely that the sale will not reach an optimum point. They must design shoes that appeal to the general population as well as to the contracted players. Reebok has been having this exact issue in the recent years as they continue to produce "buck nasty" signature shoes.
These contests are inciting some nice, intelligent convo and responses. Imagine that on NT!

I need those PP's in my life!
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