P-Rod 2 Sizing Question

Jul 18, 2007
Hey how do the P-rOD 2's fit. I'm 14 and growing but where a 10, should I go with a 10.5 or stay with the ten f they are a little big.
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the stuffed tongue is very thick so i would definitely say go up a half size. i'm also a 10 but i have these in 10.5 and 11, 10.5 fits perfect for me.
go up half a size, the stuffed tongue is huge
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these shoes are flippin' narrow. i'm normally an 11.5, but i had to go up to 12 so my toes can breathe....but my heal now slips, and my toes still can't breathe that well....

sick shoe, but not the most comfortable for people with a wide foot.
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