Joined Jul 31, 2008
My boy's brother is a barber and was telling me that I should go to school and he'll pretty much take me under his wing. This seems like something Iwould want to do because I'm really a people person and the environment of barbershops are just chill. My main concern is the pay. If you guys don'tmind me asking, what's your salary like? Thanks in advance
Joined Jun 27, 2000
Not really too sure on how it exactly works, but my guess is that it goes by how many heads you cut and how much you charge. The barber I been getting a cutfrom is cakin'; him and his colleges. He usually cuts about 20-25 heads aday and charges $20 (tips not included). I mean, that's a lot, but you also got to configure in the expenses of having to run the shop (electric bill,etc.), so I'm guessing you have to contribute a certain amount of cut from your "pay."
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