May 5, 2007
Im going to be down here for a few days any nice shoe shops around here preferably mom and pops but anything works. Ive already been to the outlet but there wasn't much there.


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Cabazon was probably the best...the next best thing is the Palm Desert Town Center in PD, got the usual stores. nice Champs IMO....Indio might have some stuff too if you're really intrepid, but I wouldn't bother since you're on vacation.
When I'm down there I usually check out Epidemic Skate Shop. Also, theres another shop I usually check out on 111 (sorry i forget the name) but last time I was there he said they were moving (although I think they're staying on 111). Its on 111 on the way to Indio.
Also - could you let me know how the shops you check out are looking? I'm going to be down there in about 2 and a half weeks for a while. Thanks
Thanks for the info ill tell you how the places are looking. Do you have an address or street name for Epidemic? And do they have an SB account?
Team Vintage Heat​

Never too old.​
I live out in Palm Desert so trust me when I say your best bet is Sheikh in the mall and Revolution Ride shop on HWY 111 in La Quinta. They have the only SB account in the desert.
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