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Aug 26, 2005
Hi peeps. Me am pinoy living in Lalaland and was balling the other day when I noticed this mexican dude wearing Ginebra shorts. Those looked dope. So I was wondering where can I get those. Any sites I should hit up? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
^ There are PBA jerseys made by Accel that can be found in malls...
I haven't seen any team shorts though.
i have a pair of the ginebra team shorts, i got them the last time i was there, madd comfy and madd light, they dint come in big sizes...but they fit well...i like to play ball in them beacuse theyre light and comfortable
Thanks guys but I live in Los Angeles, CA. So I was wondering if there were any web sites selling them.
btw saw some in sports central Sm Manila ..i think royal sporting house, department store rp and olympic village in rob place ermita have them..i'm not sure about team shorts though...
hmm i tried looking for a website when i got back also...i couldnt find anything, maybe someone could ship some to you
Ginebra Shorts

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