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only one picture works but i wouldnt pay anything for those. ask for them for free..but really prolly 50 if not lower, the paint in the back looks to be gone,the midsole is toast, i can imagine a lot of patent creasing as well but no pics to see that


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man those are beat! you will need an old priest and a young priest to help you out
but they can be saved. price IMO no more than $50 at most.


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
Those are dead, no bringing those back, for all the hard work you would have to put in just to TRY and make them look decent, you would be better off justshelling out the money for atleast a better looking pair. PC = $0.00
Joined Oct 12, 2008
anyone think 20 shipped is good for these shoes? guy has 70 bin but no way anyone is gunna pay that much
Joined Oct 28, 2007
he'll practically be giving them away after shipping if he takes 20. I doubt he'll do it......I personally wouldn't pay anything for them. Ifyou're looking to restore them or just don't care then sure....20 doesn't sound too bad.
Joined Nov 19, 2007
Those are the worst XI's i have ever seen. They make me disgusted to look at them.

What kind of person does this to ANY kind of shoe? What person in their right mind would want to put their feet into these after someone else did whatever theydid to get them like that.
its not sanitary.

Price check? -$400
Joined Jul 20, 2008
I wouldn't pay anything for dem xi's, it makes me wonder wut dat person did to make dem so dirty, and its not nice.
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