PC heads, what do you think of this laptop??

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so ive been looking for multimedia laptops for under $2000 for a while now and i've been eyeing the dell studio 17.

just wondering what your opinions are on this build

- Intel[emoji]174[/emoji] Core[emoji]8482[/emoji] i7-720QM Quad Core 1.6GHz (2.8GHz Turbo Mode, 6MB Cache)
- Windows 7 Home
- 500gb HDD (will upgrade after i buy laptop)
- 4gb ram (1333 mhz)
- Back-lit keyboard
- 900p LED monitor
- Bluetooth
- 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650

thats pretty much it. also this build costs $1200 which is the lowest that i've seen this laptop with this type of setup go for.

so what do you guys think?

btw, I have no intentions on buying/considering a mac. so pls save the "Mac /thread" post. . .


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i'd suggest you get real feedback from previous owners of the laptop, or check forums that perform in-depth analyses like www.notebookreview.com

i remember looking into Dell's XPS and studios, a major turn off was that there were numerous heating problems in terms of ventilation and its cooling system
-the reason i was looking into a new laptop in the first place was because my HPs had such major heating problems of peak 130 degrees at times that it completely melted my integrated graphics card amongst other components, i opened it up and wires were seriously melted together, that comes with the problem of not only poor heat management but also due to nvidias cheaply manufactured graphics card.  dell's xps also carries the nvidia graphics card of the same line and have received the same problems, i believe the statistics was that ~57% (from a forum or website) their m1330s had received graphics card problems within only 1 year.  my friend's m1330 lasted him 2 years, but his screen is barely even usable now and he has to rely on an external monitor.  nvidia's lack of quality even made apple reconsider their contract with them for future graphics cards, they were planning to cut the contract last time i checked

if you're not in a huge hurry and are open-minded to a mac, id definitely suggest that route.  Apple usually releases their newer lines in the 2nd quarter, granted nothings for sure.  They will probably upgrade to the i7, and if you're not a huge gamer, it should be perfect for you, as they're not too well known for their dedicated graphics cards unless they're implementing new changes.

lastly, when it comes to specs and laptops, i would definitely recommend you get the very basic specs, 2gb Ram, 120 gb HD because you can do the upgrades your self for WAYYY cheaper. I installed my 4gb of ram in my MBP in less than 10 minutes and for ~$60 while apple i believe charges you for $150.  These upgrades apply to both macs and pcs.  And if you don't mind chillin with an average HD for now, SSDs are making some huge improvements, and I'm pretty sure some price reductions are definitely in store.  The pros of a SSD are definitely waiting for, at least IMO.

sorry for the long read, good luck with your purchase.
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Originally Posted by MusicalExcellence

specs are good but dell is suspect...

I have a dell studio 15 and I do not like how fragile it is. If I were you I would look into Asus/Toshiba/Sony.
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Yeah I get all our company computers from dell, and the studio is fragile. I have replaced 10 screen this year and am now advising people to stick to the latitude series. There are just too many things that can go wrong with the model. From the slot loading drive to the hinges for the screen. If you do decide to get it, go with dells gold tech support. Trust me.
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The specs look awesome for a laptop. However, like it was previously stated, its a Dell. Do some research and check what others have said about the laptop and its performance and stability.
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