Penny Foams in Cleveland...ShortyC?Anybody? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Probably check Next. I doubt the hype in cleveland is that high for these, so I cant see them charging more than retail. I would have expected more people to buy the Orlando Penny 1's, and they all over the place.
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I don't know what happened to Adlers.....they used to be the @#%$ in the 90's but they changed......and they act as if they were the first people in Cleveland to sell Jordans early above retail. Sometimes they have unsold fire on the rounder things though.
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Cleveland is NOT a place for Sneakerheads!

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Did I hear right on the radio? Shaker NEXT will be an AF1 store as of February?

Adler--or more specifically Beachwood Place--always struck me as a weird place to get any heat.
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