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He might be my size and it's $100

retail is already enough IMO
$100 over retail compared to $700 plus when they first released is not too bad, I see this getting close to retail once everyone get their pairs and people move on to other releaes, I remember the GITD were going for crazy prices on ebay back in the day now you couldn’t resell them for a buck fifty:lol:
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Prices been slowly climbing the past few days, for my size at least.
Lowest ask was 285 euros, highest bid crept up to 281 then it got scooped up by someone else :lol:

I'll wait a couple weeks, if prices don't come down I guess it's money saved.
Joined Sep 25, 2012
I concur! No footsites getting em.. smh sad cause the pair I stood in line for 4 hrs looks like a mf did 50 jumping jacks in em.. not only that.. but it was the second pair I switched out for smh
Looks like the employees played trash can hoops w/ those in the stock room:lol:
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after trying to checkout all morning i finally checked out on ruvilla with 3 size 12s and 1 10.5 lol. what are the odds they honor it?
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