People making you watch a YT vid thinking it will be the funniest thing you ever saw unappreciation


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I swear, every time I'm with a person I know and we're sitting near a computer they always have a bunch of Youtube vids ready for me, confident that I will be dying of laughter as soon as I watch them. But throughout the entire video, which usually lasts several minutes, I'm like
Why do people keep doing this?
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lol... Once I was smoking up with a 35year old cougar from Ireland and she kept on showing me Irish standup comedy and the whole time I could not understand what was being said. Pretty awkward... Especially when they're looking at you during every part to make sure your laughing at all the right parts... I was actually just too high to leave or say anything.
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I hate when they show me some old @%# video or something viral...I stay on NT, I've seen it all before
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