Persuasive Essay on Jordans?

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I'm trying to write a persuasive essay on Jordans, mainly on how they got so big and people strive and do anything to get a pair and are even willing to kill and steal for them. Id say im for Jordans because I like them and i like collecting them. My question is what could I do with a topic like this? what should I say or what should I put in  the essay? Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you.
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If I'm not mistaken, the point of a persuasive essay is to convince someone of a point you are trying to make. With that being said, you have to set a statement to prove. For example, "Jordans' popularity is becoming a cause for concern." Then you go and explain why is it being a cause for concern. 1. People are getting hurt during store release dates. 2. Reseller scams. Examples like that, you know? Then you would go into detail about each of your reasons, etc. 

Hope that helps.
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I worked in sports marketing and research and development for NIKE Basketball and Jordan Brand.  I've also collected shoes and followed the culture for 25 years.  I'd be glad to answer some questions or help you plan your paper if you're interested.  If not, here are some guidelines.

- Read some articles to decide what your position is

- Create your outline:  Introduction, supporting statements, conclusion

- Write your paper (remember to cite sources)
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Think of a persuasive paper this way, your trying to get people to do something, to make a change. And to agree with your point of view.

Your chosen topic is Jordan's, how can you convince people to like Jordan's.
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