PETA vs. Super Mario

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someones comment on the article "guess they missed the frog suit back in the day lol"
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Honestly I really didn't care about PETA and their complaints over the years, but this one is downright stupid LolWhere were they in the 90s with Mario?
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LMAO @ Master killah

yo, i heard about this on NPR

PETA should change their name to WPTGSOADSOWPGSOA

white people that get super offended about dumb $%%# only white people get super offended about....

the outfit is 20 years old.

on NPR they said a spokeman for peta said "these images in the game is a message to children that its okay to wear fur"


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Originally Posted by Tego Calderon El Abayarde

I love animals but these jackasses get all up in arms about a videogame while there's people starving in the world
and it's just a raccoon...

Anyone beat the game or whatever?  What happens?
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Someone give PETA a late pass. On another note when was the last time the cape was used?
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At what point will people realize that these are just publicity stunts?  If you ignore them, they will go away.
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Originally Posted by crcballer55

At what point will people realize that these are just publicity stunts?  If you ignore them, they will go away.
I don't think so, man. These kinds of things eventually affect the regular US Citizen - the more kinds of things PETA is able to stop.. the more of an effect we see later. It's like a war of attrition -- that PETA is winning. I think their movement is only getting stronger. Hate to do it, but basically PETA is like a long-standing Tea Party.

Yea we might not see the raccoon suit in the next Mario game, and it is pretty inconsequential.. but they'll move on to the next thing and maybe they are able to force a major team mascot to stop wearing an animal suit.. For example, the Oakland A's - you know? Then maybe we get to the point where Chick Fil A can't use the Cow's they have standing on the sidewalk... it's perpetual and ignoring it will not help.
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If there complaining about a digital racoon suit aka doesn't even really exist being worn in a video game then that means isn't the next step complaining about people in real life wearing fake *** fur coats????
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