Pharrell Making 702's "Star"

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Originally Posted by ILLIONAIRE

It's 5 parts. It's of Pharrell in the studio making 702's first single to their "Star" album back in '02. R.I.P. to the lead singer by the way. She died a year ago.
kameelah is still alive. the other light skin girl is too. it was homegirl Irish's twin sister that passed.i think she only sang on tour
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The one that passed away wasnt in the group like that once the albums started coming out. If she was she would have been the 4th member though.


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Originally Posted by inspektahdeck

Originally Posted by ILLIONAIRE

Orish. The light skin one.
the light skin one wasnt the lead singer..i thought the dark skinned one was
Yeah the Dark Skinned one was the lead.

@ this video coming out though.
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