philippines adidas jacket

Joined Jan 3, 2007
its hard to say if the jacket is authentic or not. but knowing the ebayer sells replica jackets and gives away an accel-inspired 'nike' pacqiuao shirtthat was never done by nike makes me think twice.
Joined Nov 1, 2007
Few things that you have to watch out for if the seller says "guaranteed authentic or your money back"; his feedback; and of course the price.Example of this would be the Philippines track jacket wherein the original price was 4-5k back then, and yet they are selling it at only 2,500 right now.
Joined Aug 24, 2008
It's definitley fake. I asked the seller if he can guarantee it's authenticity, and he responded with this message:
"Nope. I never guarantee authenticity. Sometimes there's harldy any difference between fake and auhtentic ones. Thanks"
Joined Aug 2, 2004
i have an authentic adidas ph tt jacket up for auction, started the jacket at SRP.. size 2XL, you may want to check it out.
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