PHOENIX SUNS will start the season 24-0....

^ :rofl:

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Lemme guess the 25th game is against the spurs?
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Funny thing is the league made them a lack schedule so they can get a nice lead to have home court through the playoffs.

But like others said, still won't make the finals.
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Shoot...someone call it now and say that they'll win 82 games...they're still not going to win the 'chip yet alone make the finals.

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i never understand why there's so much hate on a team like the Phoenix Suns? Yall act like spurs/mavs are wayyy much better. Mavs, we're better then.

Spurs, It's a toss up every match up. I know they the champs from last year, but they're gettin old.. last two games proves it by barely pulling in with weak teams.
irrelevelant...they still won't win the championship

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