**PHONE SAVVY? Need help with Nokia N73 lock code**

Nov 3, 2004
What NT. I'm considering buying this phone from my boy. The only problem is that i'm faced with a lock code screen after boot up. My boy has forgot thecode. I've tried all default codes (12345, 00000, 11111, etc). I also tried the holding down the power+3+* and IMEI code formula with no luck. Any helpwould be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
1) Power off the phone.

2) Press these 3 keys simultaneously: CALL key, ASTERISK key (i.e. *), THREE key.

3) Don't release that 3 keys until I say so.

4) Press the POWER button to power on the phone again and wait.

5) After the NOKIA logo appears, the "Formatting…" keyword will appear after couple of minutes. Now, you're safe to release that 3 keys.

Finally, the N73 should have been formatted (hard reset) and ready to configure the phone as if it's just out of the box
^^ nah foo. he goes through phones like we do shoes. this was his phone before he upgraded to 5800. he was going to craigslist it before i called dibs sincei'm been long overdue for one new one. It's only 5 months old and it's mine for a bill if i can get it fixed!!

But I tried the "call+3+*" trick with no luck.. maybe i'm doing it wrong?

i can't even get to the phone's menu to dial *#7370*#"

any other suggestions? or should i just take it to a place to get it unlocked?

thanks again everyone
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