Phone Tapped (need help)

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So I klnow this dude who got wrapped up by the feds for shipping across the lines a while ago.  He texts me every now and then to say whats up no biz, but every time he texts me a different tone comes up on my phone like it was a pic message or something.  i did not make a personal ringer for this dude.  So my question is, are our conversations being recorded or is he setting me up and the texts are coming thru a pic server or something and thats why my phone thinks its a pic message cuz they are following it??  I may be paranoid but does this happen to anyone else.  I got Verizon



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yeah there's probably an app for that. my friends got this app where you can call people and have the display number show up as something else, could be something of that sort.
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Do you live in the Baltimore area by any chance???  I knew a group of guys that had a similar problem a few years ago.  My advice: stay away from the phones, and distance yourself from Omar as well.
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Originally Posted by Diego

If you switch to ATT, there will prob be an app for that.

I  worry about phone taps all the time when I get calls from dudes whom hustle (thanks to The Wire Seasons 1-5) , in all reality you may never find out unless you get busted.
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U might be paranoid but to be on the safe side just don't talk wreckless on that phone and cop a burnout and keep it moving
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