Photoshop or Illustrator?

Jan 12, 2006
Hey, I have sketches of shoes I've designed and now I want to put them on the computer. Do you recommend I do it in Adobe Illustrator (I feel reallycomfortable with this program) or with Photoshop (not so much with this one)?

I've never digitally recreated a shoe before so any help is much appreciated. This is a project for my school but its an independent project so no one canreally help me there. Thanks in advance.
use wat u started with or feel comfy with. i started with PaintDotNet but feel comfy with photoshop, i dont use paintdotnet anymore cuz my computer messed up..
but anyway just use wat u think is right
I would do all the lines in Illustrator, and then try adding texture, color and all the rest in Photoshop. But ultimately it's up to how comfortable youare with the programs you have...
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