May 19, 2006
Anyone in the PHX area looking for a VNDS DMP VI Sz 10.5..I have a pair for sell...I am not sure how to post pix here yet,but if you would like some, just email me at and I will get you some hand tagged pix. These are 100% legit,and no shipping since we can meet up. Just make a serious offer and we can make a deal. I am not a reseller, so I am not looking to"get rich". Just want serious offers only. The soles are still icey......
Crease your shoes already...
Yes I have pics...shoot me an email at, and I will email you hand tagged pix of the VI's and pics of the tag inside the shoe as well. I am not really looking for anything....Like I said I will accept a trade if it is worth while....what do you got that you are willing to trade??? Maybe send me some pics as well. We can meet up and make the swap if this happens,that way no one has to worry about getting ripped off.
Crease your shoes already...
my bad, i wasnt reading obviously before, thought it was the whole pack. sorry, thx though.
I might consider the whole pack...what have you got that you want to trade for the whole pack???
Crease your shoes already...
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