pittsburgh jordanheads....help asap!!!!!

Jan 25, 2006
where will those 12's coming out on the 30th b at around here? i got a feeling things will b hectice and i jst need to kno where imma cop mine from. so ifu kno nethin plz fill me in. thanx in advance!!!!
More than likely Da Villa. Only Urban Account in Pittsburgh. So my advice to u is don't follow release date for em. We all know how Da Villa gets down
Originally Posted by Dathbgboy

We all know how Da Villa gets down
aint that the truth. i thought it wassupposed to be different this time aroun....oh well

i kno if i dont get my pair im causin a scene

im serious tho
^^^^Which Villa u goin to? let me know I'm tryna see this #%*
Oh yea, OP, we do have an official Pittsburgh thread poppin off. Just throwin that outthere
I just spoke with brand J. these are a general release as of now.... Theyll be available all over ,again as of now, availability can change .......

$150 the tag , available every where that sells J's,, as for the raging bulls there limited and available on jumpman flight club ,and urban accounts..
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