Places that sell Baseball Cards in the Bay Area

May 8, 2006
Where Can I go to get some baseball cards in the Bay. I would perfer the eastbay but anywhere you know of will be fine. Looking to get some signed during the Fan Fest :pimp:

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There is one spot in alameda that i go to on Park Street. They have all the new cards... Topps, Donruss, Fleer... MLB 2007.

What kinda cards are you looking for though? Not trying to turn this into a Buy/Sell post or anything... but i collect alot of cards and if you're not looking for anything to serious i could probably help you out. I have tons of extras and common cards laying around.

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i miss the old days. when i was younger, used to bike out to the local hobby/card shop and buy packs.

i got my collection intact still. hoping that'll it be worth something someday.
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