Places to visit/go in China, Vietnam, and Thailand?

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I'm gonna be heading around Asia in the summer time and was wondering what are some places to go to.
Some must see places? Perhaps, good places for shopping. Just anywhere in general that you enjoyed and would recommend
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Come to Bangkok to shop bro.. i live here 2 so i can help u out in regards to Thailand just shoot me a pm
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Originally Posted by DunkNForce

Come to Bangkok to shop bro.. i live here 2 so i can help u out in regards to Thailand just shoot me a pm
Hell yeah!

BK is one of the coolest cities I've ever been (screw you NYC). You can pick up tons of great clothes and shoes for pretty much pennies (yeah they are fake. BUT they are really high quality fakes). They got legit stuff too although not as cheap, but still affordable.

If you decide to go you gotta check out that big weekend market (Chatuchak?!) but BE THERE EARLY.

Other then that Thailand was pretty much a bust. Yes beatiful nature but thats about it...
I regret not going to Kanchanaburi to see the WWII war cemetary. especially after watching that war-movie (can't remember the name of it).
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Thailand has much more to offer than just shopping and nature

too many tourists don't know where to really go
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in bangkok hit up:

crocodile farm
mar boo kong (MBK)
siam paragon
lumpini stadium
pat pong market
weekend market
the city zoo
this water park right outside bk for got the name but its like waterworld only better.
jus to name a few. theres so much u can do in thailand its ridiculous. if i had to choose a hotel, i would choose montein hotel at pat pong market. its in the middle of all the action.
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