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Oct 5, 2006
What's good?? I just moved to Seattle (Wallingford) recently and was wondering what sites and sounds the city has to offer. By the way, have any of you guys peeped the Underground Tour?

I need to know what the major sushi spot is(besides todai) and the top 5 places worth visiting. I've been to Gas Works Park today and that was cool, hella hot chicks around.

Any beaches around Seattle as well?
beaches-golden garden, coulon sorta...and there is one by the uw area, i forgot what it was called

sushi-sushi land is good

otherwise i have no answers to the rest of your questions. just walk around downtown one day, it's pretty good to see all the random things there
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DO NOT go on the underground tour!! Theres nothing to peep but sewers and rats, you are throwing your money away!! i used to work in pioneer square and its so gross.
Visit Safeco, it's an amazing venue

Hit up the "Bite of Seattle" and "Hempfest" or w/e it's called when it rolls around this summer
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I agree with 206Knight about the Underground tour. I don't think its worth it at all.

Sushi spots that I like are, Fuji sushi (international district), Shiros, Saito's (Belltown), I love Sushi (Bellevue and Eastlake) and Toyodas (Lake City).
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do u go to UW by any chance? anywho, before I leave OUGL

and there is one by the uw area, i forgot what it was called

its called matthew's beach (i think that's what ur talking about)...its by sandpoint (if u get on montlake, pass safeway and keep going u'll eventually reach it)..small grass area, but its lake water
among those mentioned already, there's also alki..i think in west seattle..was there a couple days ago..lots of people, sand, water..lots of people haha ...its really nice to either drive or walk/run/bike/roller blade down there
edit - to add..golden gardens is really nice too...grassy areas, sand, bbq itching to go there after class today haha

as far as whatever else, sushi land is great as mentioned before..there blue c sushi in U Village right on campus

nite life wise, happy hours spots i've hit up already are umi's, wasabi bistro, eastlake bar and grill...if your out and about w/ friends u can hit those up...eastlake is near campus and the others are in seattle..of course if ur a clubber..i can't really help u on that haha, i haven't been to a club in a while...u 21 yet? (im not 21 yet so those places accept 'underage' people)

i've been to the undersgournd tour w/ my elementary back then, it was fun knowing history if ur into that stuff..juss wait like everyone said until all the 'festivals' ans what not beign. Bite of Seattle, Pyuallup (i can't even spell that correctly ahah) Fair (i'm assuming ur not from Washington)

nd try giving a walk downtown or near pike place to see the sites and the people, it is really nice out today so the city should be bustling

hope this helps any
I went to Todai two days i a row.. pretty good stuff. Fuji Sushi is pretty expensive, and they don't have the all you can eat selection. When it comes to cuisines, I def. prefer Vancouver, CA > Seattle.

I went to a beach by the UW area, by the shore of Lake Washington. Real nice, lotta beautiful ladies.

Downtown is cool too, I actually work Downtown.. at a sneakerspot. Not gonna disclose where though. Seems like there are quite a bunch of snobby people...

Oh yeah, is Golden Gardens free? And do any of yall know which bus I can take near the U-district or Wallingford that will take me there directly? thanks
^yes it's free

and if you work downtown you can only be at sneaker city/adidas/footlocker/and
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sorry aboyut that...things needed to be worked out
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My mom lives in Wallingford and theres not much to do around there. MUSASHI in Wallingford has really good Sushi and reasonable prices.
welcome to seattle!!! if you go to the UW i can show you around, i am taking summer courses!

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Ride The Duck. :lol:

you needa check out seattle center. bring a girl with you there. take her to eat at the space needle.

EDIT: by the way where did you move from and how along have you been in seattle for? you seem to know alot about this place considering you just moved here.

oh and WELCOME TO SEATTLE! :wink:
I moved from Vancouver, Canada and Queens in NYC...

here for school, just renting a place in boring ol wallingford
I am 5 mins from UW, but i go to seattle central. im always on the U.ave though, so if u wanna show me around let me know haha.

i need someone to show me sneaker spots besides goods/cap1524
^those are the only 2 worthy ones other than 35th north...i don't even buy sneakers anymore though so if there are any new places i wouldn't know about them...

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i love musashis, and hanna is good too.

Seriously how did nobody tell him to go to alki beach? Easily the best beacj in the puget sound.

if you are up at seattle central you have a ton of great food, shopping and stiff to check out around you.
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errr, what bus can i take from the University ave or Wallingford that goes directly to Alki beach?? and how far of a busride/drive to alki?

I'm not accustomed to the Metro system yet still, wish Seattle had subways or skytrains.
oh ya, and where is the place where u can see the entire seattle skyline? is it called queen anne hill or something
take her to eat at the space needle

worst idea. why pay for crappy food?
If it's the view that you're interested in, then go to Salty's on Alki for brunch.
Anyone know where I can go Kayaking or Skydiving in seattle? or jetskiing for that matter... my buddies from vancity are coming down and i need to know where a good kayaking or skydiving spot is at
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