Planning on moving to Phoenix, AZ, need some info!...

Feb 25, 2004
Keep in mind I'm not the typical nter. I'm 27, married with a 1 yr old son. So I basically what's most important to me is a safe community, alot of family activities(museums, parks, etc), but most important a safe place.

school me please.

My cousin just moved to this apt. complex, looks great but the reviews are terrible. People are saying it's right next to the ghetto.

What interests me the most is are the cheap rents, hot weather and availability of jobs from my company.
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I moved from the Northeast a little over a year ago, I looked at that complex your cousin lives in but I drove around at night and decided against it. I Live in a complex called Camden Copper Square, it's downtown and less than a mile from Chase field and the US Airways Center, the rent is decent and the area is not bad, but I doesn't seem very kid friendly to me. There are tons of places to pick from down here your best bet might be to come down for a weekend and check out different neighborhoods. If you plan on making this a permanent move you might even want to check into some houses as well. There are alot to choose from, and down here is definitely a buyers market. I'm not sure where you're from but Phoenix is different that alot of "big cities" because public transportation is not all that great since everything is so spread out. There are quite a few family activities to choose from down here but you're going to have to hop in your car to get to pretty much anything.
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I'm considering a move to Phoenix as well. I've been looking for a house in the Glendale, Chandler area. I originally had my eye on the Scottsdale area, but they are too proud of that area ($$). Overall, the housing market is more expensive then TX, but it definitely seems like a buyers market currently.

I recently visited the area and there was plenty of stuff for fam to do.
I stay in Glendale... Northern Green apartments..
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if i were you, looking for family type areas, i would check out the surrounding suburbs as opposed to the city.

for example...glendale, peoria, surprise, gilbert, chandler, etc...
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My wife was just offered a position w/ the Dr. she works for...he's going to be the head of a medical research center in is the living in is the job market and the "scene". How's the rent situation? Any info would be cool.

Thanks for the info...peace
Job market is good as far as the medical field is concerned. Had no problem finding a job when I graduated. Market should be cool in general for that matter. Phoenix is growing everyday and businesses are going up faster than positions can be filled. Especially in the west valley.

As far as rent goes, you can find a decent 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment out here for under a $1000/month.

How old are you though? Renting is a poor investment. If you look hard enough you can probably find a 2 bedroom condo for under $175,000. Just a thought...

By "scene" you must mean the night life. If you're the type that goes out every night, I would recommend moving to the Scottdale/Tempe area. Ridiculous amount of clubs,shops, and whatnot. If you've ever been to socal its like AZ's version of Beverly Hills or La Jolla.

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