please dont get rid of Rid

Mar 4, 2003
I personally like dudes game, and the reasons I've been hearing on sports radio to trade him for the #11 pick were preposterous!
"he dosent play D" any PG that does! I can think of like 3..maybe.
Im sayin, why would you trade a known commodity for the unknown? what PG are in the draft? Conley? Law? pssshhhh...theyre both small, and I doubt their D is any better than Lukes...and they seem to be worse shooters than him. if youre gonna trade him, who can we get? The dudes comin off the bench behind him arent any better....Watson was lucky to start for memphis, and the other lil guy(I forget his name)...he like 5'4"...Wilkes! I'll post that guy up ever play AND block all his shots.

bottom line, leave Rid alone. The team is gonna kick themselves in the teeth if he turns out to be the 2nd coming of Nash...not saying he will, but he might. Nash wasnt tearin it up his 1st few seasons dude was a back to back MVP....prolly shoulda 3-peated
Keep Rid and Rashard in Seattle​
I'm with you on this. from what i'm hearing the deal is dead though.
Keep the Sonics in Seattle​

Ray / & KEVIN/ & Rashard / & Chris / & Luke / & Earl / & Damien / & Nick / & Johan
Out of towners don't be knowin about the best-kept's/Ain't nothing better than the summer in the NORTHWEST
I think he should get traded to Toronto so it could be "Luke Both Ways" all over again...jk
Team Pacific Northwest​
I couldnt agree more, i really love lukes game.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.
every time i have watched luke his performance seems dull. he cant play D, cant really shoot, he can pass but at this level everyone can do that.
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