Please help, 12 hour headache.

Jun 14, 2007
NT, I started to get a headache last night at about 6:30 Pm, (PT) and my headache has still not gone away. I have taken tylenol, I slept from 9:00-6:23 lastnight, yet my head's still throbbing. Can anyone help me out w/ some possible causes, or cures??
Yo, I have had a headache from Wednesday LAST WEEK, its been like 11 days or some $*$! now, and the freakin people at the hospital told me it was nothing, butI have an appointment on Friday

And I still havent been to the hospital with the $*$! behind my ear because they cancelled my time like WTH

If I die, dont go in on me lol
Tylenol is no good..Motrin is the best. I'm a big buy so i pop 3-4 at one time for a headache...gone in 20 minutes
pop some tylenol/advil. ibuprofen is easier on your stomach, but it doesn't work as well.

then just try to lie down, relax your eyes/head muscles and completely empty your mind/dont think about anything. that's usually what i do and it makes myheadaches go away easily.
i had a headache for days before. i couldn't eat and all i wanted to do was sleep. I was hospitalized with Meningitis. It's serious and you have to geta spinal tap.

Tylenol sucks @*+

take Aleve .. your head gonna be gone...

and you either need to
eat some food

take a !%$#

or get some sleep
Smoke a little purple.
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