Please reccomend mrmossyman84 a pair of sneakers

Mar 22, 2003
To start off-If this kind of thing isin't allowed in this forum...go ahead and lock it up...I looked and didn't see anything against it...


Alright...I've been playing basketball for awhile and I've never really considered the performance aspect of a basketball sneaker. I've just kind of picked out what looked and felt alright at the local footlocker...never really thought there was that big of a difference.

Right now I'm working with a 5'9 - 200lb frame...I'm currently working on losing weight so I'll probably be lighter soon. Just a few questions I have to ask when reccomending me a sneaker:

-Should I go for something lighter or heavier? I don't think I want to be slowed down with a heavy sneaker (like the Lebron IV) cause I'm slow enough as it is :lol:
ing to wear down...

I think that's all you really need to know...any help or reccomendation would be appreciated. I don't really know the logistics of any particular sneaker, so if anyone could help me out that would be great.
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I think you should wear the heavier/Bulkier shoes right now because of your weight, then switch to the lighter ones if you lose the excess weight... Lebron soldiers, Lebron IV, Older models like Shox Stunners etc. are good kicks for you
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I'd try out a sz. 9 in the Lebron Soldier. Make sure you sizing is correct or you could develop joint pain issues.

Those should suit you just fine, are cushioned, supportive, durable and reliable.

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Get a shoe that is for a wing. Like a Kobe II or Lebron Soldier should be fine. Cause if you're playing both the guard and post then something in between is best. Or get a guard shoe and use it as a motivation to lose weight! Haha.
I was thinking of the Soldiers, just like B1LLY said
Those should suit you just fine, are cushioned, supportive, durable and reliable.

Those shoes are very durable and lightweight that you will not want to change them even if you lost 40 pounds!
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