Please recommend me a good pair of running shoes


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I need a pair for men and another for women.
All i know is basketball shoes so any help will be great.
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Here's what I wrote in a similar thread:

You have to be careful with running shoes.

Asking for online recommendations on any shoes, especially running shoes and especially if you are going to do some real running, is kind of like showing us amenu of a restaurant you're at and asking us to order your dinner for you.

There's just no way to tell what will work for you unless you try different shoes on. The best thing you can do is go to a running specialty store and askthem to check you out and see how your foot pronates. The people there are usually serious runners and know their stuff.

I would avoid Shox for anything but basketball, and even then I wouldn't prefer a Shox-based shoe. If it's going to be light running, I would look atneutral type shoes, basic Frees or Air based shoes. I would also avoid anything from the 360 line, other air maxes might work though.

Personally, after I tried Asics Gel Nimbus VII's, I never wanted to try anything else, but Asics can be a bit pricey for the nicer models. For justrunning, I think Gel is a far better cushioning system than anything Nike or Adidas has to offer. But there are a lot of brands out there I've never evenheard of that are probably better, but I'm not that into running.
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Brooks Running>>>Anything by Nike

In order to provide good recommendations you need to give more info about your feet and the type of running you'll be doing.

Some general recommendations though...

-Adrenaline GTS


-Grid Paramont

Nike (Bowerman Series)
-Structure Triax
-Air Span
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I second Deezy's advice on going to a specialty running store to get fitted because they'll properly evaluate what type of support you'll need, ifany. This will prevent future injuries and other problems that can be corrected or prevented by proper fitting footwear.

For shoes, from my experience, Asics and New Balance offer the most solid line ups of running shoes, regardless of support (Motion Control, Stability, Neutral,etc.). Some people swear by Nike because this is, afterall, Niketalk. They make decent runners, but again, check out a running specialty store for a solid,spot on recommendation.
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its good to know what kind of foot you have. That sounds stupid, but I deal with people on a regular basis who might weigh 400 lbs and do not realize they havea wide foot. Or people who are flat footed or have a high arch etc. Personal preference, AM '09s. Some people like shoes that are more firm, some like morecushioning. Some shoe stores have people who know what theyre talking about, others have no clue. You should easily be able to figure them out. Most popularstyles that are running 5+ miles per day would be Kayano, Nimbus and anything in the Bowerman Series like abernja said. Rarely do I sell any Brooks styles,then again my location does not have that many styles. Also, Finish Line offers 15 day test runs on shoes, it allows you to buy a shoe, leave and if you do notlike the shoe after running in it, you have 15 days to bring it back and find something you do like. Its on select shoes, but still a good deal.
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Asics Gel's are nice and inexpensive. Excellent Running shoes or the Kensei if you got more money to spend.
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Asics are fantastic. Try the Asics 21XX line. They've increased the price on each newer model but they're good shoes, especially if you can possiblyfind the previous model they should be marked down more. When the new ones came out I remember purchasing the previous model at a Modell's for around $50.
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I'm a slight overpronator and use the Saucony Trigon Guide 5. I've ran about 400+ miles in them and they're still great. Looking into the Hurricane11 for my next pair in a couple months.
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