Popular flip flop brands on West Coast?

Feb 24, 2002
Okay, so as I've said in another post, I'm coming California this weekend from PA. I've got another question for all west coasters.

My wife loves flip flops. She has a collection of flip flops that's starting to rival my kicks collection. I want to pick her up a few pairs of flip flops that I might not find on the east coast.

Anyone know of any brands specific to the west coast or ones that are particular popular there but not here. I want to surprise her when I come home with something really special.
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the only brand im familiar with are rainbows. a whole lot of people wear them especially in orange county. theres an outlet store for em in san clemente i think. not sure if they have a lot of them in your area, but rainbows definitely out here.
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if you like leather flip flop sandals you get RAINBOWS in so cal

if you like foam with cloth straps flip flop sandals you get REEF in so cal
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All these brands just make everyday casual flip-flops...nothing fancy...just chill and nice (like SoCal).

1. Flojo's are classic and comfy...my girl loves this brand. You can probably find them in any surf shop.

2. Rainbows...quailty galore...most def worth the $30 (if you get them at the Rainbow store in San Clemente off of Ave Pico) or $50 anywhere else. (I'd say get her the leather skinny strap...a good array of colors would be worth it)

3. Reefs...comfy, cheap, plenty in the women's line get the job done

4. Sanuk....like reefs...plenty in the women't line, get the job done

3 & 4 are both surf brands and can be located in any surf shop...prices vary on material used.
everyone else says rainbows. my gf loves Tevas
yup, rainbows is pretty much the standard.
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rainbows also has a lifetime warranty... so for $30 and they will replace them once they're no longer usable is :pimp:
Flojo sandals just suck now. They are terrible quality.

Reef sandals are my favorite. Some of them like the special edition ones with bottle openers on the bottom, or the ones with the secret compartment built into the sole can run you $50+ but they're really comfy and not what you'd normally find for a sandal.

Also Roxy sandals are pretty good. Really similar to Reef sandals, but Roxy has some cuter styles and I think a little cheaper.

i have 3 of em..and they NEVER seem to break..and they're very comfortable cause they "mold" to your feet
I heard about that lifetime warranty rainbows have so how does it work do u just bring your receipt at the store u bought them and then u get a new pair? or how does it work anyone try it?
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well, Reef has bottle opener at the outsole.

heard lots of good things about Rainbow.

Another brand my girl loves is Lululemon. Their flip flops is very comfortable, but they might be out of season now at the store.
I heard about that lifetime warranty rainbows have so how does it work do u just bring your receipt at the store u bought them and then u get a new pair? or how does it work anyone try it?
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all of them are at least 6 months old. these things are no jokes.
ing to get really dark from all the wear/tear/dirt) so she bought me a new pair when i told her i didnt want em. I ended up leavin my pair in my boys car after playin ball so I had to bust out my new pair which was sittin in my closet for months. It took about 2 months of rotating the new pair in to get the mold set just right.

Dont know if its 100% true, but my brothers friend says his dad has a pair that is 20+ years old. thats ridiculous.
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If you can find them, get some Ocean Mindeds. They are just as good as reef and rainbows but their break in time is much less. They are also softer than both brands.

Or Something.
i just cant justify dropping 30-40 or more on flip flops. my vans flip flops for like 12 bucks aint done me wrong yet.
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