Apr 22, 2006
i was wondering do you have to have pass to get in there or can you just go in...because i want to go but i keep hearing different things...so can someone let me know
whats this employee discount store?

OHHH SNAPSSSS its the store by the outlet that says "BAPE" huh?

i heard you hafta do that special hand shake with the black lady outside, then slip her a 20 dolla bill in her g string to get in.
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Employee store is exactly what it sounds like.

A store for Nike employees.

Employees have a choice to put family on their list.

Therefore, either work for Nike or have a family member who works there put you on the list or take you in.

Otherwise, get a guest pass from a Nike employee.

No other way to get
Haha i heard they sell nike guest passes on craigslist. but dunno if its true or not.
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No no no....Only sponsored Nike Athletes and their families get in. Oh and Phil Knight and Michael Jordan.
Haha i heard they sell nike guest passes on . but dunno if its true or not.

its true.
i got you on that for $699 delivered to your door.
just imagine the possibilities.
lol, if u really want a guest pass, go to some jordan release, like the one coming up this weekend, then ask people u see in the employee line if they will sell u a guest pass, dont ask anyone who doesnt look like they will sell one, or anyone who looks like they will tell management on u, and about the price... lol, ive seen them sell from 10 to 100$.... it just depends on who it is, how many more guest passes they got left, and how there feeling that day/morning.
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