Possible NTer sightings at Northgate, and Southvcenter today

Aug 3, 2001
Well I say possible but of course we introduced ourselves and chatted. Funny thing though is now when you go to Southcenter for instance instead of maybe running into one person, you can see like 30 NTers. Pretty funny.

No I didn't have to do the NT sign.
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were they rockin the full on burberry suit along with the burberry XIs again??
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no this time they were for the most part dressed as sneaker store employees, and cell phone dealers. Although I was dressed as a scrub.

Team Pacific Northwest​
i was at southcenter the other day. i probably saw like 40 NTers
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Who works at the cell phone dealership right by Champs? I see dudes wearing The Hundreds and 10deep there all the time.
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what I wanna know is who were the NTers that were at the Sonic/Grizzlies game? there was one with a GOODS new era, another that looked like Mars Blackmon, and another with a cute kid in a full Sonic uni and sweatband flirting with the Sonic team dancers. Reveal yourselves...
has anyone seen magsXL?
I saw a kid at the game with a CapitolxClipse hat. If I would have gone I would have been fresh to death in my bape all over print briefs and a Nike Flight bathrobe son, so it certainly coluldn't have been me that you saw in the Goods fitted...

p.s. I have not seen MagsXL in a looooooooooooooong time.
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naw you got it all wrong...the Sonic dancers were flirting with the dad...but that's just what I heard.
I saw a short, bald filipino dude at EQPT, i think he was working, anyone know who that goober was?
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