Possible to go from San Jose to San Francisco without a car?

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ok, i'll be vacationing in the Bay Area in coming weeks.... I'll be staying in San Jose with some relatives. But during the weekdays, they;re working and I have no car. Anyways... do I really need to rent a car to get from San Jose to San Francisco? Does public transit really suck that bad in Cali?
...no really.
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Take VTA to Fremont BART - BART takes you anywhere in the City (for the most part). Depending on where in the City you might need to catch a MUNI.

Be prepared to spend money though - public transit out here is not cheap.
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you can take caltrain

thats how i usually go to giants game.
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Yep, Caltrain should take you no longer than an hour and be about ten bucks. That's most definitely your best bet. Public transit in the Bay Area is damn good actually, it wont be a problem.
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Yep take caltrain it's pretty easy to navigate through the bay area plus finding decent parking in SF is very hard....
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word I'd suggest taking public transportation especially if you plan on going to downtown SF, you'd get lost with so many one way streets there
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Caltrain is the way to go. Hop on the baby bullet and you'll be in the city in a little over an hour... It drops you off 2 blocks from the ball park and you can hop on Muni right there and get anywhere you want to go... I suggest figuring out where you want to go to and then go on their website and figure out which bus or muni train would be the best bet for you ahead of time...
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Quote:[hr][/hr]word I'd suggest taking public transportation especially if you plan on going to downtown SF, you'd get lost with so many one way streets there [hr][/hr]

but yeah, these are good responses. looks like i'll save on gas, parking costs and car rental. i'm suprised public transit is decent in california. the perception from here in the east is that if you don;t have a car, you're pretty much grounded at home cuz they always say "you have to drive everywhere"....
...no really.
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who said bay area transit was bad? hell i know sf has some DAMN good public transportation.
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if i were you, i would rent a car and drive up to san francisco. you can park at a bart station and take the bart into downtown, and muni to get around the city. it would be less hassel just to rent one, i would.
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i live in san jose and i only drove to SF once because taking caltrain + muni is so much easier
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