Post your BEST pasta recipes Vol. making lunch in an hour

Sep 28, 2003
let me know
I usually take Penne or Rotini
Grilled Chicken
Frozen Veggies

Steam the veggies, add to cooked pasta, add the chicken breasts (diced), season. Sometimes I add curry powder if I feel like it
get some fettucini and alfredo sauce, cut and cook pieces of chicken and put into sauce, cook the sauce and. you got some fettucini alfredo.
I do have a taste for alfredo since you all mentioned it. I never have creme in my house so it is never on my mind.
drizzle pasta w. olive oil, a wee bit of Frank's hot sauce, put a little salt/pepper, and shredded got yourself a quick and tasty pasta.
Cook spaghetti
Drain them
Put sauce in the same pot that you cooked the spaghetti in
Put the spaghetti on top of the sauce and mix

boil 1 pack of spaghetti. cook 2lbs of ground or chuck meat. cook 1 pack of Eckerd sausage cut up into small pieces. 2 cans of Hunts meat flavor can sauce. after everything is done mix in a large bowl.
cooking time less than 40 min.

you can thank me later OP
Originally Posted by cs02132

Cook spaghetti
Drain them
Put sauce in the same pot that you cooked the spaghetti in
Put the spaghetti on top of the sauce and mix

I usually keep them separated just in case one runs out and I have excess of the other. Than I can do something else with the other.  But mixing it guarantees they both get eaten equally, so I see the logic.
I like to keep it light and simple.

Boil Capellini/Angel Hair Pasta (Serving depending on how many people you are feeding) Usually put Italian Seasoning, olive oil, cajun salt, and cayenne pepper while boiling.

In a skillet/frying pan, add 2 cloves minced garlic with Olive Oil and white wine (usually use Riesling since it's what is usually in the fridge). Olive oil and white wine at a 3/2 ratio. Let it simmer at high for a little to get the garlic cooking, then reduce to medium heat. Add 1 spoon of Pesto. Stir Well.

Pasta should be done now, so drain and then throw it on top of the mixture in the skillet/frying pan. Turn heat back up to high and Mix pasta and sauce well. Add a bit of salt at this time. Now let the pasta get cooked for a bit on each side. I like to semi-brown it so it has a crunchier texture on the outside of the pasta, while retaining the regular pasta texture on the inside.

I usually bake a chicken breast before I make the pasta, and steam some veggies or sautee some green beans in the same pan I used to make the sauce. Easy dinner in 15-20 minutes.
- cook some penna paste
- get Bertolli vodka sauce (sooo good
- grill some boneless chicken cutlets
- cut the chicken up after it's cooked
- put the cut up chicken in the pot with the vodka sauce
- pour the sauce in the same pot as the penne and stir it up
- pig the %%!@ out!

This thread is definitely APPRECIATED!

I've been stuck on this.

- Angel hair pasta
- Mesquite Grilled Chicken
- Sauted Mushrooms
- Ragu (White) Sauce (No ayo)


- boil linguine w/salt
- olive oil in a pan w/ panchetta or favorite meat (maybe chicken breast pan fried with olive oil and seasoned)
-white wine
- touch of egg white
- mix linguine with everything else and throw pecorino romano cheese on it and its a wrap.
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