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So last night I had a 2-part dream that felt more real than life itself. :lol: It started off with me meeting up with a chick I knew from awhile ago and we were at a party or something chilling catching up. So I end up doing something real stupid that I can't remember that pisses her off beyond belief and I just get the idea to remove myself from the whole situation by going outside. I was either on the phone with someone or playing around outside and then I see her come out with a crowbar then starts bashing my windows in. :wow: She does the drivers side windows first, front & back, then tackles the front window. I guess she sees me and runs back inside and hides somewhere because I head back inside and can't find her anywhere and that's where this dream ends because I soon realized this wasn't real life...

I wake up a little then head back to sleep and this starts the next dream. It's prom night and me & my date are looking real spiffy :lol: We're having a good time at the place it's held at then I get the urge to make a move on her. Whatever I did ends up working so we are kissing and stuff on the way to the car, then I get the bright idea to take her back to my moms house which is usually empty because we both stay with my grandparents (her parents). We get there and it's straight kissing and stuff til we get to the bed :evil: I somehow figure out how to do oral and I get her to that point where she about to buss then she says "I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM" and runs out and comes back and I'm just like "wtf" :lol: Anyways, we smash and I finish on her stomach then she goes to take a shower and I fall asleep in bed. This is when I wake up and realize none of this happened and it was all a dream. |I

You can post recent, old, etc. dreams you have had. Any and everything is welcome! :nerd:


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Last night I dreamed a plane crash, so did my grandmother--in my dream I was by a mountain & I heard people saying a plane crashed at Dulles thing I know mad people were yelling out their  loved ones they thought were on the plane while climbing over the mountain...then I woke up--I went downstairs and saw the news of the plane that crashed in coincidence just thought that was odd

Ive had some weird dreams--I wrote down some of the more memorable ones in this post at first, but something tells me not to share that type of stuff
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