Post Your Favorite Mom & Pop Restaurants In Your Area Vol. Say NO To Chains

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Williamsport area in PA...

Crippled Bear - a bit of a only. cheap dinner specials every night (35 cent wings and $3.25 burger in the garden w/ fries are my favorites) and most domestic drafts are 75 cents for happy hour. used to go there every Saturday night and dinner for me and my wife was about $20 before tip w/ a fews beers each. used to be mostly redneck folk that went there but now their kids go'll see a lot of families there after baseball and soccer games and whatnot. the place is decked out w/ stuffed deer heads, bear fur, etc. here's a couple of pics uploaded on

Maseto's Deli - best sandwiches in town and Williamsport is a sandwich town. The one hot babe is my favorite.

Park Pizza - Really greasy, cheesy, hand tossed NYC style pizza. Destroyed by a fire a year ago from tomorrow. They rebuilt and re-opened October of last year. My wifes brother ordered a pizza the day they re-opened and they said it would be abour 2 hours. he went to pick it up and it wasn't ready for another hour or two...that's how busy they were that day
. I've been craving their pizza lately...i want to grab a pie and a 40 oz. and eat it in the park. it was the top story for the local news:,0,1108990.story
pic of new park pizza...

Ichiban - hibachi steakhouse and sushi bar. great steak hibachi...only thing i get.

Newberry Sub shop - your smelly little sub shop. cash only. plenty of bang for your buck and great subs.

Not a restaurant but worth mentioning...

Rosencran's Bakery - best cheesecake ever. Cheap too...about the same price as a cheescake from the grocery store but way better. very dense and very rich. we got 6 cheesecakes from there for our wedding cake. is a good site to see ratings of restuarants all over...

all but the last 2 i posted ranked in the top 10 for the area but the other 2 had good ratings...

i'm hungry now
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Jimmy's Hot Dog- Chicago Grand & Pulaski

 $5 for 2 Hot Dogs/2 Fries & A Drink....Ask For Ketchup And They'll Tell You To Get The %#%% Out 

Plus you can Some Dro In The Parking Lot

My Personal Fav As A Shorty

Johnnys grill- Chicago Il Kedzie And Logan Boulevard

CheeseBurgers And Onion Rings Are



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Take the 1 train to 157th & Broadway... Soon as you walk out you'll see... (my man Muhammed got the socks & wife beaters too)

Go inside, you'll see THIS guy... He's good people...

Ask him for a snackbox & hot sauce... Make sure he gives you a lot, he's notorious for givin 1 or 2 packets to non descripts...

On the way out (before they raised the prices), gotta give my man @ the door my change...

Walk a block to 56th & cop some sour... & before you get back on the train you can stop @ the bookie and make a bet...

OPEN 24 hours too... Watch for the group of Dominicans chillen in the front... If its after 12 and you don't look familiar it might not be a good trip uptown...

Got a N homesick...
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Originally Posted by Across 110th st

Originally Posted by hammerdown10

used to be mostly redneck folk that went there but now their kids go there
are black people welcomed here?
i saw a black dude there once

folk might not have been to keen on it 10+ years ago though to be completely honest w/ you

note the deer horn chandeliers in the pics...classy joint
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-Mama Rosa Pizzeria
-Lodi Buffet
-My local Bagel Shop (Not a restaurant, but still great)

-candlewyck diner (not a restaurant, but still...)

-Ruts Hut
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I used to live right down the street from Matt's bar.

Best juicy lucy this side of the Mississippi.

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<---It's not Mom and Pop but it's only in Atlanta.

[h1]Chanterelle's Cafe <---In the West End in Atlanta. Soul food.

<---Crisp & Juicy the local DMV Peruvian Chicken spot. This place has so many biters but THEY have best spicy sauce.

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Originally Posted by MR MONDAY NIIGHT

Brisas in the bronx
Brisas was my spot at one point, the service there and at Lechonera Criolla on Webster killed those two spots for for my hood, El Unico in Union City, NJ, 2.50 gets you two pieces of chicken and a big plate of rice, beans and yuca or maduros are from before they lowered the prices back to normal
...and John's Fried Chicken, what chicken spot you know got rabo and mondongo?...
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So many in NYC that I go to, I can't even name them all. I only go to chains when I'm pissed drunk
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Saburo Sushi House - SE Portland in the Sellwood district.

Best sushi I've ever had, and it's big enough to fill you up after 6 or 7 pieces.
Just get there early, a line starts forming around 4:30 (an hour before they open) and can build up to be a 2 hour wait before you know it.

Mister Meaner

formerly super producer j
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Whenever I pick up my mom from work, I gotta make this stop.

But nowadays, I just go to the bootleg joint on Fordham, in the Bronx. Jumbo's is the name

There's a few more, but I'm drawing blanks right now.
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My favorite late night spot back in NYC

Open 24 hours too....I know some of you guys been there
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