Post your favorite skateboard sponsor

Joined Oct 17, 2008
Just started skating been watching qlot of demos I took a liking to jamal smith and 10 deep
Joined Apr 1, 2009
I don't skate, tried getting into it in middle school and was horrible. But i like watching videos.
But I like Almost and Enjoi's Bag of Suck video is one of my favorites
Joined Apr 28, 2007
i've always like Enjoi , ES, and Girl

If you're lookin for videos you should check out Lakai's Fully Flared . it is
Joined Jun 21, 2007
Essential videos to watch:
Plan B- Questionable
Shortys- Fulfill the Dream
Toy Machine- Jump of a Building, Welcome to Hell
Zero- Misled Youth
es- Menikmati
World Industries- rodney vs daewon 1 and 2
Lakai- Fully Flared
Transworld- Feedback, The Reason, Subilties
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Originally Posted by sn00pee

baker2g one of my favorite skateboarding vids of all time. i miss piss drunx
but when i used tom skate back in the day i would always ride baker/bootleg andshorty's RIP. but i would wear emerica kicks but def baker back in the day was crazy good
lmao of how tk was a filmer then jumped into skateboarding and turned pro inless than 1 year amazing
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World Industries - 20 Shot Sequence and Trilogy are ill videos also
Alien Workshop & Habitat videos also
Girl/Chocolate videos

As far as companies I'd want to be sponsored by if I was good enough or had connections:

Board: Real/Krooked, Girl/Chocolate, Alien/Habitat
Trucks: Thunder, Indy, Ace
Wheels: Autobahn, Gold, Satori
Bearings/Bushings: Bones
Shoes: Lakai, Nike, adidas, New Balance (if they made skate shoes)

I'll leave out the others that are not skate companies but probably have sponsored skateboarders. Last I heard Reese Forbes was sponsored by Jaguar so youcould turn this into a "Who Would You Want to be Sponsored by?" thread and let it go completely nuts or not.
Joined Jul 13, 2007
Zoo York

Posted video of my boy Sean Malto. We were in a few classes freshman year before you moved to Cali. He rode with DC since before I knew him but I'm notsure if he still does now.
Joined Apr 1, 2007
Word to DGK, Nike SB and Girl.

Definitely need to check out Fully Flared. Even the intro that flick is a banger.
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