post your "truth about the 09 playoffs"!!!

Aug 27, 2008
1. Chauncey is the NBA's most valuable player
2. Why hasnt anyone mentioned that the Lakers (TNT says deepest team in the league) are supposed good team but they act like puppets in the playoffs (keep inmind Pao played in a gold medal game and put up #'s on team usa that he can against k mart an ne ne)
3. Hedo is the most underrated player in the post season!!!
4. Dwight at 23 years old gets no credit as a legend in the making, but Lebron @ 23 got bounced n the 2md round?
5. Billips is to Melo as Manning is to Harrison!!!
6. Trevor Ariza's great/consistant play is gonna put him on the first trian outa L.A. (vol. Jamal Crawford)
7. NO ONE credits D12 for being "tough" this playoffs... Superman to Lex Luther?
8. J.R. Smith is a prime example of hs to the pros... what the hell could roy williams teach him??? how to get the ball passed to him better?
9. with all this Blake Griffith #1 talk... Chris Kahman should contact ben gordon and ask "why does this happen to consistant players?"

***AND #10***
1 year ago today i heard chris ford and buchard and jon barry say "Derrick rose might not be SKILLED enough to be sucessful, he relys to much onathleticism.... WELL, WHY IS STEPH CURRY BEING KNOCKED FOR BEING THE EXACT OPPOSITE????
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