Premium Goods 2nd Anniversary Party

all posers please sign in!
"Where'd you get those?"-Bobbito Garcia​
so where's the invite? :nerd:
you should get the invite in the mail... if you're on the PG mailing list

i see you ryan
And why couldn't she invite NT?

But, yet she still comes here for the business that she's been lacking. SMH

Sounds like an event!
Nobody throws a party for the H-Town heads like PG.
See yall there!

It was a dope party even though I got there really late.

Here are the highights for those that werent able to make it.
-Bobbito spun the old school 45s
-Bun B and Scarface were in attendance
-Free Belve in the tent w chilly AC
-Kicks contest went to:
1st place vip 255 AF1 Low IDs
2nd Place Fragment AF1 Low
3rd Place OG Jordan VIs (the midsole blew out upon wearing to the event)
-Jordan Brand really hooked up the goodie bags.

woh woh woh

how did this shoe win

i saw plenty on shoes in the pics that were better than those.

are they some kinda customs or something?

who were the judges? were they into shoes or they just thought the colors were cute.

how were they judging, cuz not to come off as a pick, but i just don't see how that shoe won.
The Judges were Bun B, Scarface, and someone else I believe. The shoe is a Studio 255 AF1 lo id. And I do a agree there were better shoes out there.
Brawnz i know you're connected with PG. ^^^^^^

so what's up with picking judges who appear to know nothing about shoes.

i just talked to my potna and he said he and a lot of other folks were pissed.

he said he even saw a cat with a pair of PARIS, now how did some ids beat those :rolleyes

maybe next year, you guys will get a sneaker head. it only makes sense.

almost glad i had to work

the white dude was the worst... he didnt even wear the shoes and they weren't even his... and those IDs are plain wack... the 3rd judge told me they choose it b/c of eclusivity... all it is is a custom... yes AF1 low IDs aren't easy to get... but anyone who goes to WDYW knows 255forlife has at least 6 different ones... but it shouldn't be who has the 1/1 piece of @#%$ that is a bite of SVSM colors... it shoulda been dopest lookin shoes which there were a handful of others there...

all i'm saying is that a ID should never win any kind of shoe contest... customs ok... which we all know KB wrecked it in the customs dept... an OG which should have went to the OG infrared VI... not some BS IDs that can be duplicated or some OGs that were worn around the neck...
i think bobbio was one of the judges and not scarface...

hats off to the fragments though... never even knew about those. 2nd place got the best prize anyway
he said he even saw a cat with a pair of PARIS, now how did some ids beat those

the paris were custom AF1 lows... 50+ hrs of work... just completely ill... everything hand painted not printed out on canvas and glued... @#%$ is the truth... but yah these shoulda been in the top 3..

one of the judges was a sneakerhead. one reason why a lot of us NT'ers that she knew couldn't have been judges is that we all know each other and it would have made the competition more bias. so to make more fair scarface and bobbito were chosen as judges as well which do have knowledge in sneakers in their own right.
so to make more fair scarface

well that move backfired on all the shoeheads that actually had heat and didn't know any of the judges.

they shoulda got someone who knows shoes but didn't know half the guest.

i'm just in awe, cuz those ids aren't even that hot.
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