Premium Goods Un-Appreciation Vol 2

Go in there one day and listen to how often the phone rings. It's impossible to answer every call she gets. All I know is she try's to get ya'll shoes you can't get anywhere else in Houston and sucedes, cut her a little slack.

Why must we sit in there and drink coffe with her and etc. :lol:

We go in there to BUY shoes not LISTEN to the phone ring.

The phone doesn't ring that often. :smh:

She needs to have one of her friends answer the phone or somthing instead of listeing to that OLD Jay-z music.
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Personally, I don't at all mind dealing with irregular hours and phone issues (i've always gotten through when I've called) for a store in Houston with top accounts and an owner who's friendly, fair, understands the culture, and throws good events.
Sumebody else needs to set up SHOP asap.

Its harder to get QS shoes then Drank around here :lol:
everything always sold out seem as if she just holdin the shoes for certain people.

i hope not, but now that you say that!

the guy that hip me to the store after he saw me in some sbs'
told me she calls him when she gets new stuff. when i asked, her i think she thought i was trying to get her number. i kinda figured he was lying.
hey guys its a mom a pop shop......meaning there will be coustomers who got higher clout than others. My personal experience has been great with them except for the easters where i waited there for opening at 11 and she put a sign stating that they will release at 5, only to have a list where people sign up since opening.....SMH...but stores like active athlete do this all the time so i guess it is what it is
They gave me an email saying that they will now have a weekly inventory update via email and they are launching a website which is def. a pos. step foward
If money didn't change you, YOU'RE NOT MAKING ENOUGH!!!
All Ready, how do u get on da list? im gettin a refund check soon and Im ready to spend a lil bit of change..
Looking for anything in Sz. 12!

fatpat1251, just go in and give them your email address or call em up and give them your info

Also, you will eventually have to buy something most likely

Actually, here's the email address, just email them...premiumg@

I appreciate that they are trying to compromise

If money didn't change you, YOU'RE NOT MAKING ENOUGH!!!
She has a list on the table for people. If you are actually serious about buying stuff then she will sale it to you.

Its harder to get QS shoes then Drank around here

:lol: :lol:
i did have the problem once where i had to wait after the time she posted before she got back, but it was lunch hour and i'm not gonna let some trivial junk like that keep me from going there. if you're so upset about wasting gas why not spring for an electric car and use the money you save on gas to buy kicks. face it. it's a small business. she decides how she wants to run it, and if you don't like, it doesn't matter, cuz there's always more business, so chill out! they're not obligated to take your calls, and they're pretty nice when you ask them for some help with something. + they're less ghetto than active (i've only been to the one on fuqua)
^^^folks who type stuff like that are the ones getting catered to

and just to let you know if we went by that logic, blacks would still be coming in thru the back door.

we have every right to voice our opinion, and it will remain the same if we don't say anything.

no one is bashing jen, it's just frustrating and costly to make those trips coming from the northwest side of houston. if you have gas money to give us, fork it over or at least go up there and answer phones for them :wink:
bla bla bla bla its simple if you dont like it dont need to put her on blast you should be happy you even got a store to go to..i went today and there was a sign out that told me be back in 10 so i waited and she was back in 9 lol haanywho a lame joke there for you guys but real talk be happy you got a store......On another arent you there for all the releases buddy? world cups etc etc you thank her by Acting lame on the net SMH

love it or leave it
Dude if you have to @#%$ about gas money from the nawf you can't have the money to waste on kicks. Go get a raise sucker.
i think she puts cocaine in yall shoes. :\

say what you want, but everything i say is true. i'm not here to get PG points, if i see something wrong, i'm free to speak on it. :smh:

you shoe goons should change your pads, cuz i have'nt put anyone on blast, everything i said everyone else already knew(hince i'm not the thread starter :wink:

just because i have money for shoes, does not mean i have money to burn freely on gas, i don't even see how you think that makes sense.

no one is dogging jen, i'm sorry if it comes off that way, but i didn't make that stuff up. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

now you shoe holding, email getting, all day hanging out henchmen can go tell her ther no pun intended.......SUCKA!
go to AF in the galleria. They have a great nike account now!!! Always open too.
For Sale all shoes are DS: size 8.5 and 9.5 in the Jordan Retro 13 Blue/Flint's
size 9 in the Jordan Retro 13 team red-flint grey
size 9 in retro 10 red/white
yea they're not bad. i kinda forgot there was an AF in the galleria haha. been spending too much time in the new section.
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