Price Check and Legit Check On jordan DMP PACK

Joined Feb 13, 2010
Great if it is actually legit. No tagged pics and only 1 on a low feedback seller is definitely fishy to me. DMP packs usually sell for more than 500, mostly a bill or two
Joined Feb 13, 2010
Now that I look closer the blue tint on the 6s and the gold jordan letters is screaming fake
Joined Jan 4, 2010
those are fake. I would ask for more pictures, if i were you. Between the blue tint, the low feedback seller, and not a lot of pictures, those are most likely fake.
Joined Jul 6, 2008
Don't pay -100% fake

Black spots on the soles of the VIs
Wrong shade of gold on both shoes
Large gap between bottom lace & patent on the toe-box of the XIs
JORDAN down the eyelets etc.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere & it is very possible to find genuine "newbie" sellers, but 9/10 times a low feedback score & only one non tagged picture like this is a sign of fakery.


Joined Dec 31, 2009
thanks guys, im waiting on more pics, anyway to get the negitive feedback taken care of he will leave when i decide to not pay??

like can i turn him in to ebay for listing as authentic and selling fake??

i dont want negitive fedback, LMK

thanks again everyone!!
Joined Dec 23, 2006
Post additional pics when you get.
I don't thing these can be ruled as fake (for reasons above) without seeing more pics.
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