PRICE//LEGIT Check on: LeBron 9 Big Bangs Galaxy

Joined Feb 22, 2013
Hello NT Fam!! Im looking into purchasing some LeBron 9 Galaxy.

Shoes are NDS, worn bout 3-4. With og box and all.

I would like to have a legit check on them, and also a price check. What $$ tag would you put on these? I would like to know if price dude asking for is fair or not. Thanks for the help fam!!!
Joined Feb 4, 2013
Those are legit. 

As far as pricing a pre owned size 10, 350 max. I saw a DS 9 selling for 375 but that's the lowest I've seen. 
Joined Mar 2, 2013
Give it a try offer somewhere in between $275 - $300 and work from there. In our area $375 is around the going rate for a DS All-Star Lebron 9s
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